Center for Accessible Technology

The Center for Accessible Technology is a non-profit that started with the goal of providing access for people with disabilities. CforAT was interested in having a new logo, and a responsive, AA-accessible site created that is easy to navigate. The new site needed to be clean, simple, and convey the story of the organization clearly. CforAt's original site was accessible, but consisted of multiple pages that were difficult to locate. CforAT wanted to make sure that both sides of the business, non-profit and consulting, were promoted.

Web Design



Logo Design

CforAT Responsive View

The Results

Our approach was to creatively and visually divide the content between different consumers in order to best communicate the goals of both aspects of the company. The entire site is keyboard accessible, the color combinations are AA-accessible, images all have alt tags, design elements have null alt tags, and all forms are associated with labels. The new design is clean, minimal, and incorporates white space, as well as a color scheme that is appropriate for accessibility. The main goal for the new site was to create a harmony between a visually appealing design that is consumed by non-disabled users, and a digitally accessible site that is user friendly and meets AA-accessibility standards.

CforAT Custom Design

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