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Coaching Business Wix Website

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Today we're sharing a Website in a Day client showcase for Joiful Living Group!

The Joiful Living Group is a full-service coaching and consulting business that is based in Atlanta, Georgia. We had the pleasure of working with Jae on the new website, and are excited to share it with you.

Client Showcase: Joiful Living Group


After our clients complete our onboarding form, our team reviews their responses, and then gets to work creating a stylescape.

Stylescapes help us to pinpoint what fonts, colors, images and graphics we'll be using for the new design.

They are a great way to establish the vibe of the website, and can be referred back to for inspiration, as well as for a style guide when creating content in the future.

In this case, they knew what fonts they wanted to use, and had a couple of featured colors in mind. We were then able to work from there to create the stylescape you see above.


Next, our team creates wireframes of key pages, so we know what content will be needed from the client, what we'd like to prioritize placement-wise, and establish the overall flow of the website.

Wix makes creating and reusing strips super straightforward through the My Designs feature. If you haven't familiarized yourself with this, be sure to check it out. You'll save yourself a lot of time with the ability to save and reuse custom elements!

Taking the time to create wireframes helps you save time in the long run because you can easily move sections around and test layouts before putting in the energy to implement them.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Coaching Site

We love how clean and easy-to-navigate the new site is, and that it features strong women who have "discovered the power of I!"

To learn more about Joiful Living and to see the live site, click here!


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