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About Us

Wix Legend Partners with 17 years of experience designing & marketing websites for driven business owners.

Work Life Balance

About Border7℠

Achieving Work-Life Balance

Border7℠ Studios was first founded in 2005 during a high school computer science program in Simi Valley, CA.


Now owned and operated by husband and wife team, Ailsa and Brendan Bracken, Border7℠ focused its mission to helping business owners get online quickly and learn how to update and market their website themselves.


Because of the changes they made within their own business, Ailsa and Brendan found work-life balance, and were able to purchase a home in the San Bernardino mountain community, Arrowbear Lake, CA. There they had a small wedding in their backyard in 2020.


Border7℠ is a Wix Legend Partner & Expert with a proprietary process that helps clients get online fast (as quick as 1 day).

Our Mission

 Our mission is to help brands get online quickly & learn how to update & market their website themselves. We strive to simplify web design & marketing for you, so you feel empowered to make data-driven decisions and achieve work/life balance!

Ailsa and Brendan on their wedding day.
Trees and sky in the Bracken's backyard.
Ailsa and Brendan by Lake Gregory.
Lake Arrowbear with fresh snow.
The Bracken's mini pig, Pickles.
Brendan with Dogs

Chief of Operations & Owner

Brendan Bracken

Brendan has extensive marketing experience, managing 7-figure ad campaigns, and growing businesses up to 4x in revenue. 


He oversees all projects, creates personalized marketing plans, and is the main point of contact for our clients. His goal is to help business owners who are looking to get online for the first time, as well those who are looking to improve an existing foundation.

Through Zoom, Brendan coaches our clients on how to update and market their website themselves, so they feel confident in their online strategy and presence.


He is passionate about aquascaping, hiking with his family, playing video games, and watching Formula 1.

Creative Director & Owner

Ailsa Bracken

Ailsa (ale-sa) first joined the Border7 team in 2013 as a Sales Consultant. She spent the next few years working hard to become an owner of the business. In 2015, this dream was realized and she became a business owner at 25.


Now, she leads our design and development team during our builds to ensure a smooth delivery. Ailsa is a certified Wix Accessibility Specialist, SEO Expert, Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Alumni, UGurus Graduate and AltAgency Graduate.

With hundreds of websites created over the years, Ailsa is highly experienced in organizing content in a way that both engages and encourages the visitor.


She enjoys spending time with her mini pig in the garden, writing, hiking with her family, and horseback riding.

Ailsa and Arya
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