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What We Do

We help businesses craft a digital presence that not only drives growth, but also supports the life you've always desired. Let's transform the way you do business, and pave the path to a future filled with fulfillment, freedom, and boundless possibilities!

On the Computer

Timeline: 1 Day

Website in a Day

Border7℠ Website in a day is a 1 day program where we create and launch your Wix website in just one day.


We review your info, create resources, implement your site & record a training video.

Bakery business owner.
Timeline: 1 Week

Website + Marketing Plan

Border7℠ Web Fundamentals is a 1 week coaching and implementation program for Wix or WordPress.


During this program we evaluate & create your digital strategy and Wix or WordPress website.

Happy business man talking on phone.
Timeline: 30 Days

Website + Marketing Funnel

Border7℠ Web Essentials is a 30 day coaching and implementation program for Wix or WordPress.


We evaluate, create & optimize the website & marketing funnel you need to convert traffic into consistent business.

Sonja's Video Testimonial

Female Developers


Monthly Marketing Coaching

Say goodbye to uncertainty and hello to unwavering confidence in your online endeavors. Our monthly, contract-free program, Amplifier, is your ticket to transformation!

Discover the secrets of creating a personalized marketing strategy that resonates with your audience and drives results. Gain the skills you need to evaluate your data like a pro, unlocking valuable insights that inform your decision-making. 

No more relying on guesswork or outsourcing. With Amplifier, you'll become the master of your own digital destiny. From feeling unsure to feeling unstoppable, we're here to guide you every step of the way!

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