Trees and Mountains

Learn How to Update & Market Your Website Yourself.

Introducing the Border7™ Amplifier Program - learn how to create a personalized marketing strategy for your business, how to evaluate your data & make updates yourself!

Strategy calls with screen sharing to review progress & opportunities.

Learn how to update contentoptimize your site to increase rankings.

Evaluate Data & Analytics and set tangible goals for next strategy call.

Get personalized Training Videos, Q&A and Support as needed.

We'll help you go from feeling unsure to confident.

We teach brands like you how to evaluate, update & optimize their online presence themselves. This way, you have the control & confidence to make website changes, generate more business AND make data-driven decisions.


No marketing plan in place & doing tasks that seem like the right thing to do

Not knowing how your website is performing

Needing to request site changes & updates

Feeling unsure about SEO (search engine optimization) and how it works

Doing administrative tasks manually with a free-formed process


Having a personalized marketing strategy in place that fits your specific goals

Gaining optics on your data & key performance indicators

Making changes & updates yourself

Knowing how to optimize your website yourself for target keywords

Utilizing technology to automate administrative heavy tasks

Trees and Mountains

"In just 2 weeks, I've learned more than what I was able to do on my own in a year! I highly recommend Border7 to anyone looking to improve their website, build an online presence, and learn how to effectively market a business."

– Rita, Success Tutoring

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