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Marketing Coaching

Introducing the Border7℠ Amplifier Program - learn how to create a personalized marketing strategy for your business, how to evaluate your data & make website updates yourself!

Strategy calls with screen sharing to review progress & opportunities.

Learn how to update contentoptimize your site to increase rankings.

Evaluate Data & Analytics and set tangible goals for next strategy call.

Get personalized Training Videos, Q&A and Support as needed.

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Monthly (no-contract) coaching program

Learn how to create an actionable marketing plan for your business, understand your data, and make website updates yourself!

Frey Fisher

Client Video Testimonial

"Just got done working with Border7 Studios. They were absolutely amazing - Brendan and his team, very helpful. I'm pretty tech illiterate, and they made everything really basic for me, building my website and helping me maintain it. Really easy to get a hold of throughout the entire process. They made everything absolutely simple.


If anyone has any problem building a website or needing help maintaining it, I would definitely recommend using Brendan and Border7 Studios. The team over there did a great job, I appreciate it, and I'm looking forward to doing more business with you guys. Thank you!" - Justin

We'll help you go from feeling unsure to confident about your new website.

We teach brands like you how to evaluate, update & optimize their online presence themselves. This way, you have the control & confidence to make website changes, generate more business AND make data-driven decisions.


No marketing plan in place & doing tasks that seem like the right thing to do

Not knowing how your website is performing

Needing to request site changes & updates

Feeling unsure about SEO (search engine optimization) and how it works

Doing administrative tasks manually with a free-formed process


Having a personalized marketing strategy in place that fits your specific goals

Gaining optics on your data & key performance indicators

Making changes & updates yourself

Knowing how to optimize your website yourself for target keywords

Utilizing technology to automate administrative heavy tasks

How can I ensure I get the most out of this program?

  • Keep the momentum going by scheduling and showing up to your weekly 1-on-1 calls motivated and ready to learn. Those who have seen the most success with this program are the ones who make it a priority

  • Give us what we need to help you in a timely manner (login information, content you'd like replaced, to-dos in a list format, etc.)

  • Be open to shifting your mindset and tweaking how you do things currently. If you're not where you want to be now, a change has to happen in order for things to be different.

  • Take ownership in what we're working on together for your business, trust the process, and continue to hold yourself accountable (we'll teach you, but you have to do your homework and apply the mindset, tactics and strategies to make it happen).

  • Communicate if you are confused, not sure what to do next, or any feeling of uncertainty - we want to know!

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“Thank you so much for your help and making what I thought was going to be scary and difficult really easy. “


– Chuck, Chuckie’s Service Center

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