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Wix Website for Sports Massage Therapist

Client Showcase for Sports Massage Therapist Completed During Website in a Day Program

We're excited to share another build that has been completed during our Website in a Day program.

This week we're showcasing a Wix Website that was built for a licensed sports massage therapist based in Kansas City, Feel Awesome LLC!

We had a lot of fun with this build because they wanted to take a different approach from many traditional spa and massage websites. Instead, we focused on a more masculine design and on highlighting that they specialize in massages for athletes.

It's so important to identify what differentiates you from other businesses, and the fact that their massage therapists are former athletes with the strength and knowledge to offer deep tissue massages sets them apart. This was something we wanted to make sure we call out in the design as well as the onsite messaging.

Let's jump into our process and what we did!


After our team has reviewed the submitted onboarding form, we start creating the stylescape, which features the design direction for the new website.

We like to present several different options when it comes to colors, fonts, images, and design assets so we can ask the client which they prefer.

Feel Awesome noted that they didn't want a traditional spa or massage therapist feel to the website, so while we did include some blue and greens in the color scheme initially, we eventually focused on the red and yellows instead.


Next our team focuses on the layout of the website. This is were we create key pages, identify what content we'll need, and prioritize where that content should go.

Our goal is always to first address a visitor's questions; What You Do, Who It's For, Why They Need It, Why Trust You, and What to Do Next. Over the years we have found this approach highly effective in helping to increase onsite engagement and conversions.

For this build we made sure that a visitor could easily find out where Feel Awesome is located (since they service a particular area this is important for local SEO & ensuring the right audience is on the website), the services they offer, and how to easily book a service through the website.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Wix Website for Sports Massage Therapist

The end result is a professional, user-friendly Wix website that is optimized for mobile, local search, and accepts bookings through the website with ease.

To see the live site and learn more about Feel Awesome LLC, click here!

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