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Case Study

Local Plumbing Business

About Thousand Oaks Plumbing

Thousand Oaks Plumbing is a family owned & operated business with several other local plumbing businesses under its umbrella. 


They were able to grow their business an additional $1,000,000 in revenue after only 12 months of managed SEO services following their redesign with us.

  • Update design, simplify navigation & better track site's performance

  • Increase local reach through SEO

  • Implement local paid ads campaign

  • Streamline onboarding process

  • Better leverage positive reviews

The Outcome

Through a redesign and our managed SEO services, TO Plumbing was able to see a return on their investment of 83,233% in 1 year.

We modernized the design, streamlined the site navigation to improve the customer experience, and implemented in-depth tracking to provide optics on site performance.

WordPress plumbing website mobile view.

This new website then served as the foundation for our SEO campaign, as well as the destination for all keyword and paid ad optimization.

With the help of a new project management system, we were able to better track all new jobs coming in, and provide a simplified process to take on new customers. This helped to significantly reduce administrative burden and freed up more time to spend managing larger b2b partnerships.

Lastly, through the built in review system, we were able to solicit a 150% increase in reviews, successfully leveraging satisfied customers and landing them in the #1 spot on Yelp for their service area.

Our work was so effective, that after 12 months, TOPL were able to hire their own in-house marketer to manage all campaigns moving forward. This allowed them to place an even greater focus on their marketing and further scale the business.

With all of our signature services, our goal is to create a strong foundation for our clients to scale, and teach them how to make data-driven updates and decisions themselves.

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