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Medical Wix Website

Client showcase for home infusion and medical care business

This project was completed during our Fundamentals program, which includes a website in 1 week, and a personalized marketing plan.

Working with Orbit Infusion Solutions meant a lot to our team because we know what it's like to have a loved one who is living with cancer and needs infusion treatments.

Smiling nurse listening to patient's heartbeat.

Having a kind nurse who is skilled with an IV (no one likes being stuck with a needle several times to find a vein) can make all the difference during an already difficult, and emotionally draining time.

It's also no easy task for a patient to bring everything they'll need for their infusion. Depending on your type of chemo, you might need cold packs for your hands and feet to help with neuropathy, blankets for the chill from the cold packs, snacks because your infusion might take a while, ginger drops to help with the nausea, and the list goes on.

Friendly female nurse taking a female patient's blood pressure.

That's a lot to have to remember to pack when you have "chemo brain" and are already feeling stressed about getting to your appointment on time.

By having your infusion right at home, you have what you need there, and can even watch your favorite show while you receive your infusion!

Home infusions are also a great option for those who are immunocompromised (as many cancer patients are) because it can also help limit your exposure to COVID.

Orbit's nurses compassionately provide a wide range of care and support to patients in the comfort of their own home or in the clinic setting.

Now that we've talked some about what we love about Orbit Infusion Solutions, let's review the stylescape, wireframes, and finally, the end result!


We started by creating a stylescape to establish the colors, images, design assets and overall look and feel of the new website.

The new site needed to be clean, professional and feature a predominately blue color scheme. We sometimes like to experiment with different design asset backgrounds to see which direction the client likes most.

Medical business stylescape to show color scheme and design direction.

Here you'll see we have shapes, floral backgrounds, and more medical assets featured as a few options.


Wireframes help us to establish what information we'll need for the new website, and prioritize content on key pages.

Wix medical business wireframes of key pages.

There was a lot of great key information about Orbit Infusion Solutions that we wanted to make sure we included above the fold of the website (this is the content you see on your screen without needing to scroll).

So, we recommended a layout that would best support that goal. On the homepage we feature the title text "Patient-Focused Care" paired with paragraph that tells a visitor what Orbit does and who it's for.

Below, we feature four trust icons with accompanying text to showcase why you should trust Orbit. This is important because it speaks to a visitor's question of "how does this help me."

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Wix Website

The end result is a mobile-friendly Wix website that features a clean, professional design that is easy to navigate and user-friendly.

The website is also accessible, which means that it is designed and optimized to be accessed and used by all.

Wix medical website mobile view.


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