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Wix Non-Profit Website for Childhood Cancer

Website in a Day Client Showcase

The Battle Brynn Foundation website was created during our Website in a Day program where we design, build and launch a Wix website in one day.

We felt particularly connected to this build, and really wanted to go above and beyond to build a site that told Brynn's story and highlighted the mission of the foundation.


We started the build by sharing the stylescape we had created based on the foundation's responses to our onboarding form. Stylescapes show what we had in mind in regards to the color scheme, fonts, images, and overall design style for the new website.

Watercolors and a pastel color palette to compliment the colors within the logo was requested, so we incorporated this throughout the stylescape, as well as the end design of the website.

The foundation also talked about an interest in a more gentle take on their logo, so our team played around with a more friendly bulldog with a splash of water color as an option.


The next step is creating wireframes of key pages, so we can plan what content we'll need for the new website, and can prioritize where it should go throughout the site.

There were several custom pages that we needed to plan, as well as the online store. Figuring out how to best plan the navigation of the website so it is user-friendly is something our team pays careful attention to.

We want the site to be easy to use and crawlable by bots, so it can be indexed and featured in search results. With this in mind, we opted for a 2-level navigation, as well as a footer that featured quick links to key pages.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Wix Non-Profit Website for Childhood Cancer

The end result is a mobile-friendly Wix non-profit website for childhood cancer that features a navigation that guides you through each next step, as well as a shop and a donate option.

The Battle Brynn Foundation funds research and creates special experiences for families battling childhood cancer. To learn more about Battle Brynn Foundation, see the live site, and consider making a donation to a great cause click here.


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