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How To Tell If a Website Is Wix

There are a few reasons why you might want to know what technology is being used for a website. It might be a competitor's site, or a website that you love the look and feel of and want something similar.

Either way, you'll save yourself time by knowing what platform is used and if it's possible to replicate elements you like for your own website.

For example, there are somethings you can do on WordPress design or functionality-wise that might be more complicated to replicate on Wix. By knowing the platform, you can better set your expectations, and see if a particular template was used to save yourself time.

Find Out What a Website is Built With

Some websites will include the name of the platform used in the footer of the website, but if the website you're wondering about does not have this information displayed, there are a few ways to figure it out.

This extension helps you find out what technology is being used, so you can better understand how the website was built.

Wappalyzer Chrome Extension

2) Right click the website and Inspect Element with Chrome or FireFox to View Source Code

This option will display the code for the website and will often show the name of the platform used. You might need to do some searching to find it, but it's usually there.

Inspect Element to view source code

3) Use the website Built With

This website will show you the technology used and will also share information on which platforms are used most often.

Built With Website

4) Pay attention to layout for Bookings and/or Ecommerce Checkout

Many platforms will have a standard way they handle bookings and checkout for ecommerce. If the layout and functionality looks similar to other Wix websites, chances are that site was built with Wix.

Wix Checkout Example

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