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Life Coach for Suicide Loss Wix Website

Client showcase for suicide loss life coach, Survived to Thrive

This project was completed during our Fundamentals program, which includes a Wix website and a marketing plan in 1 week.

The longer timeline gives the client more opportunities to provide feedback on the website, and receive an actionable marketing plan, so they know how to promote their business online.

To learn more about our Fundamentals program and see if it's a fit for you, click here.


After reviewing the completed on-boarding form, we start the build with a stylescape. This helps us establish the type of images we'd like to use, design elements, fonts and the color scheme for the website.

A sunflower was chosen as the icon for the brand, so we put together a few sunflower options to choose from. We had first selected a bright yellow for the action buttons, but after reviewing together, opted for a more burnt orange.


Next, we create wireframes of key pages to establish what content we'll need, where it will go, and what priority it should have on the website.

This is a great way to visualize sections of your website and figure out what sections (if any) you'd like to repeat.

Wireframes of key pages for wix life coach website

End Result: Mobile-friendly Website

The end result is a mobile-friendly, professional website with a homepage that answers the key questions (what you do, who it's for, why they need it, why trust you, and next steps).

Visitors can book a free consultation, learn more about Survived to Thrive and listen to recent podcasts right from the website.

We love the color scheme and how it helps contribute to the website's positive vibe.

Mobile friendly view of wix life coach website

About Survived to Thrive

Survived to Thrive offers life coaching for those who have lost a loved one to suicide. They empower survivors of suicide loss through a step by step program to get back to a happier and thriving life.

In addition to their great services and programs, they also have several free resources to help you start on your journey to loving life again.

We felt a strong connection their messaging, and are thrilled with how the website turned out! See the live site and learn more about Survived to Thrive by clicking here.


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