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How to Stay Positive When Running a Business

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Running your own business is hard. It can be lonely, frustrating and downright exhausting. At times, it can feel like you’re constantly being tested and pushed to your breaking point.

There are good days, (which is why we keep at it) but after working a 60+ hour week, you might catch yourself thinking about going back to a 9-5 job where someone else shoulders the worries and stress of running a business.

How to Stay Positive When Running a Business

So, what are some things you can do to stay positive? You can’t change what happens to you, or how people treat you, but you can change the way you feel (Great Book: the Feeling Good Handbook).

We’ve probably all had those type of days where your dog has an accident EVERYWHERE during the night, your fridge stops working, (which means throwing out the food you just got from the store), AND to cap it off that project you thought you were going to get didn’t come through.

Bad days feel like the only answer is to go back to bed and hope the next day is better. But what if it’s as simple as refocusing your mindset?

5 Tips for Business Owners to Stay Positive

1) Go for a Walk or Exercise to Clear Your Head

You might be tempted to power through how you’re feeling, but often stepping away and changing your perspective can be more effective at helping to change your mood.

2) Introverts – designate some “me time,” Extroverts might prefer a night out with friends

Understanding what you need to regroup and feel more like yourself is crucial to balancing business and your personal life. If you don’t, and keep pushing yourself, you’ll end up feeling burned out.

3) Prioritize 3 to-do’s that you MUST get done that day

It’s easy to fall into the to-do list trap where you seem to be adding more to-dos than you are crossing them off your list. If you can focus on 3 things that have to get done and work to do them first thing in the morning, you’ll already feel like you’re having a productive day and can avoid feeling overwhelmed.

4) Give yourself set hours for work and relaxation

Some days will require additional time to get a project done by deadline but if you can establish a set work schedule for yourself, it will help allow you to relax when you are done working and keep your spirits up.

5) Start a Gratitude Journal

Taking time to think of what you’re thankful for is a great way to put things in perspective. It’s easy to let those negative thoughts take over, but a gratitude journal is a great way to avoid losing sight of all the things you have, achievements you’ve accomplished and wonderful people in your life.

Working Hard vs. Working Smart

When you’re the owner of your company, it’s good to be a hard worker.  But, if you find yourself working so hard that you’re beginning to feel burnt out, exhausted and resenting what you’re doing, you’re pushing yourself too hard.

Working smart is just as important as working hard. Like most things in life, it’s all about a healthy balance. Try not to be too hard on yourself and when you find that you’re starting to feel down, make yourself change your mindset. It might be just what your business needs!


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