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Amplifier Service Business Client Case Study

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Brand Amplifier Case Study for a pet boarding & grooming business!

We have had the pleasure of working with a family owned & operated pet boarding & grooming business that offers a safe, reliable resort for dogs & cats to be groomed and cared for!

They came to us with the following goals:

  • Learn how to update their Wix website themselves & optimize for mobile

  • Drive more traffic to the website (main focus on organic & social media)

  • Increase bookings for their services

  • Streamline their website to communicate key information

In our first weekly Zoom meeting, we map out a personalized strategy that addresses our client's goals, and focuses on key trainings that are important to them.

In addition to the weekly Zoom meetings, we create personalized training videos to walk them through how to do something, so they can refer back to the lesson at a later date, or share with a team member and delegate the work.

Brand Stylescape

We like to create stylescapes for our Website in a Day AND Amplifier clients, as we feel it helps to have a clear guide for fonts, colors, images, and any other design elements.

Consistency is key when building a brand, and it's also important to keep the number of fonts used to under 3 with Wix in order to avoid slower page load speeds.

The stylescape helps us to establish the design direction, and is a handy guide to refer back to when making updates in the future.

Website Optimization (Design, Content & Structure)

One of the areas of your online presence that we like to look at first is your homepage.

Updated homepage 9/22/2021

We start here because you can spend your resources on driving traffic to your website, but if it's not going to result in a conversion (a visitor booking your service, contacting you, or completing a purchase), then it's a waste of your time & money.

5 Key Questions to Answer on your Homepage:

  1. What You Do (Make this as simple as possible. Avoid any fuzzy words and explain it like you would to someone who doesn't know anything about you or your industry)

  2. Who It's for (Be specific on who your target audience is - where they're located, what's their age, gender, and interests)

  3. Why They Need It (Focus on the problem you solve, why your audience should care, and why your service or product is superior to any of your competitors)

  4. Why Trust You (how many years of experience you have, awards you have won, programs you've been part of, partnerships, etc.)

  5. What to Do Next (book your service, contact you to learn more, join your newsletter, purchase a specific product, etc.)

Some business owners are so close to their business, they think those 5 keys are being communicated and that it's obvious.

BUT, this is often not the case.

Take time to make sure you're addressing the above 5 questions, and visitors to your site will thank you for it!

Case Study Results

In addition to teaching how to update their Wix environment, optimize the website for higher traffic keywords, create & automate a personalized strategy for social media, and visually communicating key information, in the last 90 days, here are their (KPIs)

Key Performance Indicators:

  • 1.85k Impressions on Google Search (102% Increase compared to previous period)

  • 466% Increase in Site Sessions

  • 459% Increase in Unique Visitors

  • 44% Reduction in Average Session (visitors found what they were looking for quicker)

  • 43% Increase in Bookings made through website


Our Philosophy: Making Progress > Chasing Perfection

Our goal with our Brand Amplifier program is to teach brands how to evaluate, update & optimize their online presence, so they have the control & confidence to generate more business themselves!

You Don't Have to Do It Alone!

Creating a digital strategy for your brand can feel overwhelming.

You have enough on your plate running your business, and the more time that goes by as you work to get your website "just right", the further you are from making progress & seeing results.

Common Pitfall - "I Don't Have Time"

Many business owners share that they just don't have time to teach themselves the latest technology, online strategy, or design best practices.

So, they hire a web team to do these things for them.

The problem is that no one knows your business as well as you do.

Yes, an agency can implement a list of requests, or recommend trying a new strategy, but if you (or a member of your team) are not an active participant in the process, your brand's mission, personality & opportunity to make data-driven decisions can be lost.

Not to mention that sometimes you may just want to play around with your copy, or make a few minor changes without having to go through a whole back and forth process to see your changes published.

You have to make time for what's important, and your business' online presence is very important.

Border7's Brand Amplifier

Why not learn how to update, optimize & market your online business yourself from a Wix Legend Expert?

Amplifier is an affordable, done-with-you coaching program that teaches you the essentials you need to feel confident making changes, optimizing your site, and evaluating your data yourself!


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