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Wix Filmmaker Website

Today we're sharing a website we created during our program, Website in a Day, for Writer, Director and Producer, Andrew Sogamoso.

Client Showcase: Reel Vintage Entertainment


This was a fun build for us, as we got to create a design with a vintage feel to it. We started as we always do for Website in a Day, by creating a stylescape.

Through the stylescape, we determine fonts, color scheme, images, and graphics for the new website.

It's a great way to put everything together and confirm that we are all on the same page for the new design.


Next, we create wireframes, which help us to layout what content will go where, and how we'd like to prioritize it.

They're also great to establish what content we'll need from the client, so they can work on preparing it for us for our next virtual meeting that day.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Wix Filmmaker Website

The end result is a mobile-friendly Wix Filmmaker website that features video lightboxes, fun animations, and a vintage feel.

Our goal with all of our builds is to create a website that is inviting, beautiful and easy to use. This way, a visitor to the site can quickly determine what you do, who it's for, why they need it, why trust you, and what to do next!

To see the finished website and learn more about Reel Vintage Entertainment, click here.


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