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Wix Real Estate Website

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Today we're sharing a Website in a Day client showcase for Coastal Living by Kelly!

We had the pleasure of working with Kelly on her new Wix website, and are excited to share it with you today.

Client Showcase: Coastal Living by Kelly


The first design asset our team creates after reviewing a client's onboarding responses is the stylescape.

With a stylescape, we're able to determine the fonts, colors, images and graphics for the new website. We love the ability to refer back to them for inspiration, and that they can also be used as a style guide for the brand.


Once our team has created the stylescape, we get to work on the wireframes of key pages. This way, we'll know what content we need from the client, and we can prioritize where it will go on the page.

We share the stylescape and wireframes with the client on the first call of their build day. This allows them time to gather content for us, so we can review it together on our second call of the day.

In the meantime, we use Lorem Ipsum filler text until new copy is provided.

Wireframes save us a ton of time during build days because each side knows exactly what they're working on, and what will be needed for the final call.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Wix Real Estate

The 3rd and final call of a build day is where we review the implemented website together. We walk through the finished site together over Zoom and answer any questions.

We then implement the client's feedback, make them a full owner of the website, and then provide our training video of their specific environment.


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