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What is a Marketing Coach

A marketing coach helps business owners better communicate to your target audience what you do, who it's for, why they need it, why trust you, and what to do next.

Nowadays, most business owners are somewhat familiar with marketing - mainly that every business needs it.

BUT, the real benefit of a good marketing coach is that you should be learning the WHY behind the tools, tactics and strategies yourself.

This way, you'll have optics on your marketing efforts, and will feel empowered to market your business yourself.

It's more than working with someone to reach your goals.

What you really need is a basic foundation of what marketing is, and a personalized strategy with your specific audience in mind to help you succeed online.

If you don't, then you are missing key optics on your business.

When You Should Consider Hiring a Marketing Coach

A marketing coach can help you create a personalized strategy for your business, so you have an actionable plan to reach your goals. With this in mind, here are a few indicators that you'd benefit from hiring a marketing coach.

1. You Don't Have a Clear Approach to Drive Traffic to Your Website

A website on its own is not a business. You can have the best looking website online, but if your target audience can't find you, it's not going to help you.

There are several types of traffic, and tactics to help you drive interest to your website, so you're going to want to make sure you have a clear plan in place.

2. Your Website Isn't Helping Your Business Grow

There's something wrong if you're not getting business through your website. A good website is more than a glorified business card.

It should have a process in place to help you book consultations, educate your audience, grow your email list, and generate leads. If this is not happening, then something needs to change.

3. You're Always Trying a New Marketing Tactic or Tool

Just because there are a lot of tactics and tools out there, it doesn't mean that you should try to do them all.

If you're falling victim to shiny object syndrome (constantly switching your plan to try the newest tool or tactic you hear about), it's going to be tough seeing any real progress. It can also be a key reason as to why you aren't achieving work-life balance.

4. You Aren't Tech Savvy, But Would Like to Learn

We understand that some people just aren't tech savvy, and that's okay! However, as the owner of your business, it's still important that you have some basic knowledge, so you can make data-driven decisions.

If you have a difficult time reading instructions online, ask your developer or employee to create a video recording of them completing a tech task. This way you can refer back to it if you need to, and feel more confident in making future updates yourself.

5. You Aren't Maintaining a Health Work-Life Balance

For many business owners, their business ends up being all they can think about. Any downtime gets replaced with worrying, researching, or just more work, and you don't really feel much closer to your goal.

If you're finding yourself on this path, it's important to hit pause and consider how you can better streamline your process. Otherwise, you'll end up feeling burnt out and losing the passion you once had for your business.

Time is the one resource we can't get back, so don't take it for granted!

Border7's Marketing Coaching Program

Our goal is to help you go from feeling unsure about your marketing efforts to confident. We teach business owners how to evaluate, update & optimize their website themselves. T

his way, they have the control & confidence they need to make updates, generate more business, and make data-driven decisions!

To learn more about our coaching program, Amplifier, click here.

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