Custom Solution Case Study

Option display widget for customizable products on a Bigcommerce store.

Jenna Benna

Option widget for customizable products with a custom interface for greek letters.

What We Did

Jenna Benna was created to provide a unique Sorority Letter shopping experience. Jenna contacted Border7 to create an option display that is clean and user friendly for the customizable products on her Bigcommerce store. She was also interested in a preview popup that allows a user to view the fabrics and options together, as well as an "Add Embroidery" button that displays embroidery options and remembers the selected embroidery when clicked.

The Results

The dynamic custom solution not only helps the product page load faster and is user friendly, but also displays fabric and embroidery options within an easy-to-navigate popup. The solution traverses through all fabrics, compiles options, and displays them within the popup's dropdown menus. By breaking up the top fabrics into additional categories, additional top fabrics can also be added to the Bigcommerce store.

In order to make sure a customer likes how the selected fabrics look together before ordering, we've added a fabric preview for them to check out the fabrics. We then created an additional interface that allows a user to choose a Greek letter within a light box popup, and select stitching options for the letters. The final step was to add an "Add Embroidery" button, as well as an "Add More" button for those who would like to customize the product further. Click here to check out the Jenna Benna site and see the solution in action!

Jenna Owner Jenna Benna

By far the most wonderful company to work with. Needed some very specific work done on a Bigcommerce site and everyone else said it was not possible. Border7 delivered with perfection!
- Jenna D. from

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