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Which Wix Templates are Responsive

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

When choosing a platform for your business, there's a lot to consider. How soon do you want to be online? Who will manage the website? When do you anticipate a return on your efforts online?

Wix Responsive

Today we want to talk about responsive design, and how to pick the right template for your business. Wix has many templates to choose from, and although we often select the blank templates to work from, there are several great templates to choose from!

What is Responsive Design?

A site that is responsive will resize itself depending on the size of device the site is being viewed on. It will automatically "respond" to the set dimensions.

What Is Mobile-Friendly?

A site that is mobile-friendly will shrink the desktop version of your site to the smaller screen, but will not keep the exact same experience as the desktop version. This being said, it's still user-friendly and does not negatively impact your SEO.

How to Have a Fully Responsive Site With Wix

Through Editor X platform, you can create fully responsive sites and custom tailor it to different breakpoints through CSS customizations and flexbox technology.

If you've already built your website using the Wix Editor, you can make your site semi-responsive, or as we refer to it, mobile-friendly.

Another option is migrating from Wix to Editor X (beta migration was made available on March 24, 2021).

You can also utilize Velo, which is Wix's web development platform, to extend functionalities. This is an advanced tool, and we usually utilize it for clients only if they need to manage databases and add custom code.

Most clients (especially those we take on for our Website in a Day program) do not require such advanced capabilities, and are all set with the standard features offered by Wix Editor.

Our Take on Wix Editor vs Editor X

We are still of the opinion that the Wix editor is still the best option for most businesses who do not have a dedicated tech person.

For those who feel they need a fully-responsive site, and are comfortable with the Editor X, definitely check it out, but we recommend the Wix editor to most of our clients.

This is because we find the editor is easier for them to use once we deliver the site to them (compared to the Editor X platform, which requires a bit more tech know-how), and it's the best way to get them online quickly, so they can start making money through their website.

To read more about our philosophy of progress vs perfection, read this.

Elements that are full-width & Responsive in the Wix Editor

  • Strips and columns - We use these when building sites for our clients so we can specify how large we want each column and how content should be arranged. Just make sure you've attached elements to your strip (you can tell if they're not attached if you move the strip and the element stays with the page rather than the strip).

    • Pro Tip: Add strips to your header and footer to have more customizations and control over your site's design.

  • Full-width slideshows - These can be used for the main slider on your homepage, promote a special you're running, or to feature an announcement in the pre-header of your navigation.

  • Galleries - If you see a stretch icon, the gallery you've selected is responsive and can be set to full-width.

  • Horizontal menus & lines - Horizontal menus and lines with the stretch icon selected will automatically adjust to the width of your screen.

  • Google Maps & other Wix apps - Google maps and other Wix created apps are also responsive. Simply look for the stretch icon and make it full-width.

Wix is currently collecting votes for this feature. To vote for responsive sites on the Wix editor, click here.


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