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Migrating from Wix to Editor X

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

New Update: 10/30/2023

Editor X and Studio will eventually merge in the future. According to Wix "Starting December, we'll open up the option to migrate sites from Editor X to Wix Studio. This means you won't have the option to stay on Editor X.

Wix Studio is a platform specifically for web designers and developers to build websites for clients. The standard Wix Editor is still available and is what we're continuing to recommend to clients who are not tech savvy, and do not have complicated design or functionality needs.

To learn more about Wix Studio, click here.

As of 7/28/22, this feature is undergoing maintenance. This means the option to migrate from the Wix Editor to Editor X is temporarily unavailable.

Editor X Beta Migration was made available on March 24, 2021.

We are often asked by prospective and current clients for our take on the Editor X, if you'd like to read about it click here.

In this post we're going to share an overview of the Partner Round Table: Wix to Editor X Migration tool, the community response to this announcement, and our opinion on migrating from Wix to Editor X at this time.

Quick Overview of Wix Editor & Editor X

The Wix Editor and Editor X are separate platforms that allow you to edit your website visually.

Until recently, there was no way to transfer a site between platforms. This means that if you wanted your website to be on Editor X, and make your website responsive (rather than mobile optimized) you'd need to rebuild it within the new X editor.

This update has been something the Wix community has been asking for since Editor X first launched, and it's awesome how much work Wix has put into making this request a reality!

It's important to note that this migration is still in beta, which means there may still be bugs as Wix continues to smooth out the process. We're going to talk more about this later.

Top Questions About the Process

  • Question: Can you revert back to the traditional Wix Editor?

    • Answer: Yes, there are 2 ways to revert back to the previous Wix site version:

      1. Before you've clicked publish, click Restore, which is listed within a dropdown under Help

      2. If you've already published the Editor X site, to Site History, or from the top bar while in the editor click Help

  • Question: Will the new website be fully responsive?

    • Answer: The desktop version of your design is copied to Editor X. You can then work on the site and adjust it on the different breakpoints, so it responds to various screen sizes.

  • Question: Some elements are missing from my page, how to fix this?

    • Answer: Some elements are not supported on Editor X & cannot be recreated on Editor X. In most cases, it is because the migration tool does not yet know how to migrate the missing element (remember, it's still in beta). To fix this, you'll need to add it again from the Add panel of the dashboard.

  • Question: What about custom code (Velo)?

    • Answer: Your code will be made available on the new site, but it might need some adjustments if there are places where you refer to unsupported elements.

  • Question: Can ADI sites be migrated?

    • Answer: Yes, first you'll need to migrate to the Wix Editor and then to Editor X.

  • Question: Will this impact my site's SEO?

    • Answer: Wix keeps the SEO settings, page SEO, keywords, image descriptions, header tags, business address and more. This being said, any change in design, structure and content can potentially impact the SEO of your website.

  • Question: Will all apps be transferred?

    • Answer: Editor X supports almost all apps. You might have to re-enter settings or login credentials from the dashboard. Currently, Multilingual, Wix Hotels, Wix Restaurant Orders are not supported at this time.

*Make a copy of your site for design reference, but migrate the original, and not the copy - this is important! When you make a copy of the site, some of your data does not get transferred (like members, for example), so it's recommended to migrate the original.

Things to Consider Before Migrating

  • Editor X will have a different price plan than the Wix Editor.

  • All of your data will still be available (contacts, orders, email campaigns, collections, media etc.)

  • Editor X supports almost all Wix apps (some are not yet supported, so it's important to make sure your app will be supported before trying this)

  • At any stage you can revert back to the Wix Editor by clicking on Site History

  • There are some Widgets that are not supported on X at this time:

    • Blog Post List, Blog Custom Feed, Blog Recent Posts, Blog Category menu, Blog Archive, Product widget, Product Gallery, Store Slider Product Gallery, Store Related Products, Store Currency Converter, Store Product Widget, Bookings Book Button, Bookings Timetable, Multi-Step Form

Our Take: At this time, we are still keeping our company website, and recommending that our clients continue using the Wix Editor. This is because we have an eCommerce site, and sites with stores and the restaurant app should hold off on migrating for now.

This being said, we love Editor X and think this migration option is going to be immensely helpful in the future!

Since, it's still in Beta and there are still some things that are being worked out (most importantly for us the fact that some widgets are not yet supported on Editor X), we recommend waiting to migrate over to X.

Recommended Steps for Migrating - (If You Decide This Is Right for You)

1) Sign up for Editor X by going to to register.

2) Make a copy of your Wix website before starting the migration process. You'll want to backup to ensure you have it to refer back to, and it's just always good practice to have a backup just in case.

3) Go to "My Sites" in your dashboard and select the site you'd like to migrate.

4) Click rebuild site on Editor X (you must be registered on Editor X in order to have this available)

5) Once you've had a chance to review the site on Editor X, click Publish, and this will replace your old Wix Editor website (it will only be replaced once you hit publish)

*You will probably need to do some adjusting for mobile (mainly make it more vertical - there can be overlap), so make sure you do this before clicking publish.

Upgrading to an Editor X Plan

Once you hit publish, you will be required to upgrade to an Editor X plan.

When this post was written on 05/18/2021, Wix is offering a 40% discount on your first billing cycle, which will be applied at checkout. Credits for your current plan will be reflected at checkout.

To read more about the announcement and see a walkthrough, click here.

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