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Best Practices for Optimizing Your Wix Website for Core Web Vitals

Wix has made some major improvements to Wix websites by evolving their infrastructure.

This is important because Wix is a hosted platform, which means that there is some code that is not accessible to non Wix personnel. These improvements help to majorly improve site performance & the speed in which your website loads.

Key Takeaways from the Live Webinar

We had the pleasure of attending the live webinar, How to Optimize for Core Web Vitals where they discussed the recent improvements, as well as best practices for optimizing Wix websites.

This post includes these recommendations, as we want clients to understand why we make the recommendations we make, and that there's a lot that goes into building a website that looks good, performs well, ranks high & generates you business!

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Wix Website - 2021


  • Place meaningful content in the initial viewport above the fold

  • Limit # of fonts & font weights

  • Beware of uploading duplicate fonts

  • Ensure good contrast

  • Avoid text in images (this is bad for SEO & accessibility)


  • Check for extra large downloaded files

  • Prefer JPGs over PNGs where applicable

  • Prefer SVG over both JPGs & PNGs, especially for logos

  • Avoid Gifs (use looping videos instead)

  • Set strip background color to match background images color


  • Use the mobile editor to make sure the site is mobile friendly

  • Add appropriate content for mobile/desktop view

  • Hide less important content

  • Reduce the # of items in gallery, feeds & repeaters


  • Use the new site speed panel (in the new Wix Dashboard)

  • Pages that use Velo - enable manual caching

  • Avoid excessive use of marketing integrations

  • Prefer Wix video player over external video players

  • Consider splitting extra long pages

  • Lightboxes & animated galleries can be detrimental to site speed

If you'd like to read more of our recommendations on how to speed up your Wix website, read this.


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