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Why Wix is the Best

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

A lot has changed over the years with Wix, (a free, user-friendly, website building platform).

As Wix Experts & Partners, we might be a little biased.

BUT, we’ve built close to 50 sites on Wix now (including our own site), and we absolutely love it.

We would never recommend something that we did not believe in ourselves, so we want to take some time to tell you about Wix and why we love it.

why wix is the best

Great for Newbies & Experts

Depending on your confidence with tech and design, you can either:

  1. Start from scratch with a blank template, or a premade template

  2. Hire a Wix Expert to help you create your website quickly

  3. Use their advanced creation tool, Editor X

You don’t have to worry about managed hosting, getting a domain through a 3rd party, installing Google tracking, or how to optimize your site for search engines because Wix has your back with all of that.

They handle hosting, you can purchase a domain through Wix, and they’ll walk you through how to submit your site to Google & optimize it so people can find your website.

To learn how to connect your domain, click here.

Wix Editor & Why It’s Awesome

The editor makes creating a website easy.

So easy in fact that we’ve perfected our Website in a Day builds where we (you probably guessed it) build a Wix website in just 1 day.

If you ever get stuck, there’s a FAQ section, as well as videos to walk you through each step.

There’s also the option of a desktop & mobile view within the editor, so you can ensure that your design will translate well across devices.

Recent updates have also made it possible to save site sections to “My Designs,” so you can easily add a section in when building out a page.

We also love the theme update that allows you to quickly change out your site’s color palette.

Wix Help Center

In addition to Wix’s Help Center, we offer personalized Wix videos to help you get comfortable with your new Wix environment through our Amplifier program.

During this done-with-you program our clients learn how to:

  1. Update their website themselves

  2. Create compelling content to help them drive traffic

  3. Plan & schedule social posts, as well as blog posts to engage with their community

  4. Write newsletters & rollout promotions to help build awareness

  5. Optimize their website for local & national search

  6. Make data-driven changes to their online presence to encourage conversions & get consistent business

Wix SEO Capabilities

You might have heard over the years that Wix is weak when it comes to SEO capabilities.

This is no longer the case.

Wix has made massive improvements that gives you the ability to edit page titles, URLs, meta descriptions and alt tags.

They also offer advanced SEO tools, so you can redirect old URL structures, and through their SEO Wiz, you’ll be guided through each step.

Stop Making Excuses & Get Online!

Wix makes it so easy to create your mobile-friendly website that you really have no excuse to not get your idea or business online.

There are many great apps available for businesses with specific needs such as online ordering for restaurants, booking for services & hotels, dropshipping, events, music & more!

These apps help you create a website that fits your specific needs & streamline steps to save you valuable time.

For those who prefer bullet points, here’s our top reasoning:

  1. Don’t worry about hosting, security or needing to update plugins

  2. Get online quickly & start driving traffic to your website

  3. Save yourself time through apps & integrations with the solutions you already use & love

  4. It offers what most businesses need to succeed online

  5. Feel empowered to make changes & updates to your website yourself

Wrapping It Up

We believe that those who hate on Wix (especially if they still haven’t changed their tune in 2021) are scared of it.

It makes getting online so painless & easy that rather than figuring out how to incorporate Wix into their process, they hate on it.

This being said, Wix isn’t for everyone. For example, if your a massive corporation, or a brand that has SUCH unique requirements, you might need somethin that can be more custom-tailored to you.

But for everyone else, stop putting it off and create your Wix site today!

Wix Website in a Day

If you want a professional website created, launched & submitted to Google in 1 Day, click here to speak with us.

Our process is affordable, done-with-you & gets you online fast.


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