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Wix Web Designer & Marketing Coach

Our done-with-you programs get you online fast (in as quick as 1 day) & teach you how to update and market your website yourself!

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Progress > Perfection

We believe that making progress is better than chasing perfection. It's in the small actions we take each day that build upon each other to get our businesses to where we want them to be.


Your website is never going to be "done" (there will always be data driven tweaks to make, keywords to optimize & content to improve to better communicate your offer), and that's how it should be!


Our signature services were created with these philosophies in mind, so you can get online quickly, learn how to create a marketing strategy, update your website and make data-driven decisions. This way, you can start seeing the results you need to grow & achieve work life balance!

If this resonates with you and you'd like to get online quickly, learn how make data-driven decisions & market your online business yourself, click the orange button below to book a free strategy session. We'll chat about your business, your online goals and see if we're a good fit!

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Strategy Call

Chat about your business, online goals & leave with actionable steps to succeed online.

Website in a Day

Book your build day & our team will create, launch & submit your new website to Google in 1 day.

Brand Amplifier

Learn how to update & market your website yourself, so you can increase traffic & sales.

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About Us

Border7 has been in business since 2005, and is owned by husband and wife team, Brendan and Ailsa Bracken. They live in Arrowbear, California with their two energetic dogs, Arya and Baloo & their mini pig, Pickles.

We believe that making progress is better than chasing perfection. Our signature services were created with this in mind, and is what inspired us to build websites in 1 day & teach brands how to update & market their sites themselves.

Brendan has extensive digital strategy experience and has managed 7-figure ad campaigns, growing businesses up to 4x in revenue. He oversees all projects and is the main point of contact for our clients.

Ailsa works behind the scenes, leading the team in the Website in a Day builds. She is a Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Alumni, UGurus Graduate and AltAgency Graduate.

Recent Projects

Projects recently completed during our Website in a Day, Brand Amplifier & Web Essentials Programs.

Trees and Mountains

"In just 2 weeks, I've learned more than what I was able to do on my own in a year! I highly recommend Border7 to anyone looking to improve their website, build an online presence, and learn how to effectively market a business."

– Rita, Success Tutoring

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Ready to Get Started? Book a Strategy Session!

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You'll leave the call with clarity, as well as an actionable plan to help your business succeed online!

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Learn about types of traffic, key web content to include & get a free template to help you brainstorm!