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Building with Wix Editor X – Our Take

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Wix announced the launch of their new, fully responsive advanced website creation platform called Editor X back in February of this year.

The big takeaway with this editor is it gives designers and agencies the ability to make a website fully responsive (rather than mobile friendly), which as a result, gives us more freedom with our designs.

Quick Overview of Editor X Features & Layout Capabilities

  1. Wix design system

  2. Grid layouts

  3. Docking

  4. Stack & Scale media

  5. Text scale

  6. Flex layout

  7. Custom breakpoints

  8. Flexible canvas

  9. Advanced sizing controls

  10. Testing on all screen sizes (now built-in)

Templates are already available for Editor X (the editor is currently still in beta as of 7/08/20), and you can also create your site from scratch using the Blank Canvas template.

We’ve been continuing to use the traditional Wix editor for our clients because it’s more client-friendly and allows them to make future updates easily.

That being said, we enjoyed building on Editor X and recommend it to those who are more comfortable with design and website building.

Website Built with Editor X

We recently rebuilt Ailsa’s website on the Editor X using the Blank Canvas, and enjoyed using the responsive capabilities and features.

Our Take

The new Editor X builder is similar to the traditional Wix builder, so it didn’t take long to figure out where things were and how to get started. There’s also a great training library with video tutorials to walk you through a step if you get stuck.

Masters helped us save time by saving and reusing sections. We also found that it gave us more options with configuring the header and the footer of the site.

This should be super helpful when creating sections for more custom sites in the future, as we can build a library of wireframes and layouts.

Being able to test and adjust the design across all breakpoints and screen sizes was also super helpful.

Overall we found the builder to be intuitive and easy to use!

1 Page Site Built with Wix Editor X

The new site is a good example of how you can make a nice looking and simple one-page site that communicates what you do, who it’s for, why they need it, why trust you and what to do next.

building with wix editor x


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