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Wix Design Help

With website builders like Wix, designing and launching your new website is easier than ever! This being said, we understand that if you're new to creating a website, it can feel a little overwhelming!

So, if you're wondering how to get started, or are looking for some help, we're going to cover some tips and frequently asked questions to (hopefully) make things a little more straightforward.

5 Wix Design Tips

#1 Choose your layout

You will have many free templates to choose from, as well as the option of starting from scratch. Pay attention to the overall structure and decide if that layout is to your liking (don't get hung up on the colors or images used because this can be changed later).

If you need inspiration on layouts, look up similar websites in your industry, or check out Pinterest and Google to see what types of layouts you like.

#2 Decide what content you'll need

Most business owners have some images and a general idea of what they'd like to say on their website, but often when push comes to shove, many struggle to gather their content, and end up pushing off the launch of their site.

Here's a quick list of important content to help you keep the momentum going:

  • Your Logo (this can be made in Photoshop or Canva (if you're not familiar with Photoshop), created through the Wix logo maker, or using a 3rd party service like 99 designs)

  • Images (your own, Wix Media, or stock photos)

  • Homepage copy (that details what you do, who it's for, why they need it, why trust you, and what to do next)

  • About copy (that shares when you started the business, what motivated you to start it, why you're passionate about it, any certifications or key experience you/your team has, and what makes you different from your competitors)

  • Contact copy (that details where you're located - this should at least show your city/state if you don't want to make your address public, phone number, email address, and hours of operation)

  • Services or product description (this will help give a visitor a rough idea of what to expect from the service or product, and should be as detailed as possible)

  • FAQ copy (providing answers to some of the questions you're often asked is a great way to save time, provide a great user experience, and continue to set expectations)

  • Terms & Privacy policy (there are many templates available to help you establish a starting point, but you're going to want to make sure they reflect the policies you want your business to have)

  • First 3 blog posts (this will help make your blog already look active when you launch your website, and will boost your reputation as an expert) Still not convinced that you need a blog? Read this!

  • Testimonials (these help to set expectations and show visitors that you can be trusted to follow through and deliver what was promised. If you don't have any yet, start with testimonials from colleagues and fellow professionals that speak to your character)

  • Coming Soon Page (this will help ensure that you get your domain connected and launched as soon as possible so you can start building your email list as you continue to work on your website. You'll set this page as your homepage while you work on other aspects of your website)

#3 Setup your header, navigation and footer

Your header, navigation and footer will be repeated on every page of your website, so it's important that you take advantage of these key areas. Make sure you include your logo, contact information, and links to key pages, so you provide the best possible experience to visitors.

#4 Choose your color scheme & fonts

Wix makes updating your color scheme and fonts straightforward. From the Wix editor, go to Site Design > Site Theme and then choose "Colors" or "Text."

Choose a color scheme that's appropriate for your target audience, and keep the number of fonts used to 2-3. This will ensure your site looks professional and you provide the best possible experience.

Did you know that the color you choose can help encourage engagement? To learn more about the psychology of colors, click here.

#5 Optimize your site for search engines & configure your site settings

Once you've finished populating your website with content, you'll want to make sure it's optimized for search engines and you've configured your site settings before launching.

This will help make it easier for people to find your website through Google, and ensure that you have the right information for your website.

To learn more about how to optimize your website, click here to read our top Wix SEO tips.

Your settings can be found from your Wix Dashboard under "Settings." Make sure you go through each tab and update the name of your website, the description, business information, language & region, and any other specific information you may need for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can help me with my Wix website?

Wix support is available to answer specific tech related questions, and Wix Partners can help you with the building of your Wix website. At Border7, we help business owners get online quickly (as fast as 1 day), and then teach them how to update and market their website themselves.

How much does it cost to hire a Wix website designer?

The cost for hiring a Wix website designer varies based on your timeline, how much help you need, and if you're looking for a custom design and template. Typically, it can range anywhere from $50-$4,000+.

Does Wix have a help line?

Although Wix does not offer a direct phone line, they do provide a chat option where you can contact Wix Customer Care for free support. You can also request a callback, or schedule a callback where you pick the best time for them to call you.

They also have Wix Partners, which are partners with experience with Wix who you can reach out to directly for paid support.

What are the monthly costs for Wix?

Wix offers templates with unlimited pages, as well as hosting for free, but you will have the "" in your URL.

Website plans for professional sites range from $16/mo. - $45/mo., and business and ecommerce plans (for those who need to accept online payments range from $27/mo. - $59/mo. These plans include the ability to connect your own domain, and include hosting, free SSL Certificate, 24/7 support, as well as security. To learn more about Wix plan pricing, click here.

If you choose to add apps that require a subscription fee, this will add to the cost, and any plans purchased with a Wix Partner are not included in these costs. Wix Partner fees are different from the plan you pay to Wix for your website.

Have Questions or Want Help?

Post a comment below, or schedule a free strategy session with our team. We'll cover where you are now, where you'd like to be, and how we can help you get there!

Our goal is for you to leave the call with actionable steps you can take to improve your business.


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