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4 Reasons Why Your Wix Website Needs a Blog

If you're reading this post it's probably because you either already have a website, or are thinking about creating a website, and are wondering if your Wix website really needs a blog.

In our experience, the business owners who are against having a blog feel this way because they:

  • Don't feel they have the time to write posts

  • Don't want to be bothered managing a blog

  • Haven't realized that a lead generating website will never really be "done"

We'll get right to the point and let you know, yes, you need a blog.

Here's 4 Reasons Why:

First, changing your mindset to progress > perfection

We've talked about this in our other post, Why Making Progress is Better Than Chasing Perfection, so we won't go on about it too much here.

But, chances are that if you are anti-blog it's because you feel that you're going to get your website perfectly how you want it, launch it, and then get to forget about it for several years until it's time to redo it again.

This approach to creating a website doesn't work anymore. The internet is too competitive, and if you're not consistently creating new, valuable content, you're going to lose your rankings in search results.

Search engines love content. This can be infographics, text, audio, videos, products, or images, and you're going to want to make sure you're adding it to your website. The more often you create it, the more often Google and other search engines will send out bots to crawl your website.

This can help increase your rankings because it tells the bot that you are active, knowledgeable, and creating content your audience wants to read!

1. Helps you create more content for your website, which makes you easier to find in search results

This brings us to reason #1, it makes it easier to find your website in search results. A blog is similar to a podcast or a video channel in that it's one of the big ways you can get more organic (free) search traffic to your website.

What makes it even better than a podcast or video channel is that it can become a hub for all types of content. This makes your content easier to find, and better directs a visitor to the next piece of content.

Not sure how to write your blog posts?

Here are some quick tips to help:

  • Include your keyword in your blog's url

  • Make sure your title includes your keyword

  • Add the keyword to your headings, 1st paragraph & throughout the post

  • Incorporate other media (audio, videos, & photos) to keep things interesting

  • Break up large paragraphs into bite size sentences (most people skim)

  • Make sure you're providing value to your readers

  • Don't be afraid to bold text from time to time to emphasize a point & make it stand out

We listed this as the first reason because it's a big one. But if you're still not convinced, don't worry, we have 4 more reasons below!

2. Gives you an opportunity to share your personality, passion, and expertise

Your friends and family may know how knowledgeable and passionate you are about your work, but that doesn't mean your customers do.

A blog is a great way to show your target audience that you know your stuff, and are willing to educate them, so they know more than they did before.

This helps to build trust in your brand while also showcasing how much you love what you do.

If you can change your mindset to look at creating content about your work as a positive, it might help you take the next step to making it happen!

Still not convinced, on to reason #3!

3. Creates a community where your followers can comment & share your information

People enjoy connecting with other people, and the internet has made this more possible than ever.

Community is the secret to creating a brand that will stick around for many years. It also helps to encourage engagement (liking your posts, commenting and sharing).

Through your community, you can find out what questions your audience may have, what objections or hesitations might be holding them back, and what topics they might just need you to shine a little light on.

It's a lot like having a focus group where you can explore ideas!

Communities can lead to brand ambassadors, which will help you also increase brand awareness, and generate additional business.

If community hasn't sold you on a blog, maybe money is more your language. Keep reading for our final reason, #4!

4. Once you start getting traffic to your blog, you can monetize it with ads & subscriptions

Monetization can happen once you've built a following on your email list, and have a significant amount of traffic coming to your blog.

Basically, the way it works is you can get paid to show ads, sell or recommend products, or promote subscriptions on your blog.

Some decide to start a blog with the only goal of monetizing it, but we recommend not having this be your only goal because it can lead you astray.

If you become too focused on monetization (especially when you're just starting out), you might lose sight of the vision you had for your brand. This can result in content that doesn't align with who you are as a business, and probably doesn't resonate with your target audience.

Ready to add a blog?

We hope this post has inspired you to add a blog to your Wix website and start writing!

If you already have a Wix website, but don't have a blog installed, the good news is that adding one is super easy.

From your Wix Dashboard, go to Apps > Get More Apps and then search for "Wix Blog." Click "Wix Blog" and then the blue button that says "Add to Site."

Adding a Wix blog to your Wix website

If you don't have a Wix website yet, you can choose a free blog template and get started in just a few minutes.


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