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Is It Worth Paying for a Web Designer?

Nowadays, a website for your business is a must. It should be viewed as more than a digital business card, and instead, your top sales person ready to convert traffic 24/7.

A website also helps to build trust and show your audience that you are professional and ready for business.

Even if you are a business owner who relies heavily on referrals (and maybe isn't convinced you need a website), most people will Google your business before giving you a call, so it is still a benefit.

Also, if you have the option of getting more leads, wouldn't you take it?

When You Can Do It Yourself

There are many web builders (like Wix) available now that make designing, creating and launching a website easier than ever.

These builders also come with professional templates to choose from, which give you a great starting point if you're new to creating a website.

Wix website templates

In our experience, clients who are able to get out of their own way, so to speak, and not overthink things are able to build their website themselves.

If you are prone to overthinking things, or aren't sure where to start, you will probably benefit from hiring a professional.

When to Hire a Professional

If you hire a web designer, you're paying for their expertise. In most cases, they've built hundreds of websites, whereas you might have built none to a couple, depending on how many times you've redone your website.

In addition to their expertise, you can also be paying for a quicker turnaround. Depending on the program, our turnaround time for a website is:

  • Website in a Day (Website): 1 Day

  • Fundamentals (Website + Marketing Plan): 1 Week

  • Essentials (Website + Automated Marketing Engine): 1 Month

Some clients want their website done as soon as possible so they can start getting business through their new website. Others want more time to "sleep on it" and make a few revisions before the design is locked in.

7 Instances When You Should Hire a Web Designer:

  1. You want to get your website up so you can focus on your next to-do

  2. Technology is overwhelming to you and you're not sure where to start

  3. You don't know what style you want, but have a general idea of what you like

  4. You know you could learn the platform, but don't want to put the time in to learn

  5. You'd like to get your website launched as soon as possible, so you can start getting business

  6. You're willing to spend at least $500 for help building your website

  7. You'd like your website to stand out and look better than your competition

So, is it worth paying a web designer?

The answer to this question at the end of the day is: if you value their experience and time.

Let's say you pay 1k for a website, and the service you offer is $500. After just 2 sales that came through the website, you've already paid for the cost. Any new sales you get from the site after is a return on your investment.

Consider where you want to put your time and energy.

If your time is better spent running your business, or you'd rather get to spend time with your family, then it's beneficial to have a web designer point you in the right direction, expedite the process, and get you online.

Some may not feel they can afford the help. However, if you think of what you're spending as an investment that you should see a return from (business coming through the website), then it justifies the cost.


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