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The Importance of Search Engine Friendly Title Tags

SEO (search engine optimization) involves organizing your site in a way that makes sense to both a user and a bot.

It may feel overwhelming when you're just starting out, but if you think of it as an organizational tool that will help your website be easier to find on Google or Bing, the tactics you use to achieve this might make more sense.

In this post we are going to talk about Page Title Tags.

Page Title Tags, what are they exactly?

When you use a search engine to find something, you'll notice the headline that shows at the top of the result.

For example, if you search "dog food delivery" a title tag would be the text you see in purple below.

Since both people and search engines will see your title, it's important to put time into writing it to educate and encourage engagement.

The black text that you see underneath the purple text is a meta description. These work with your titles to give more information about your website.

What Character Count to Use for a Title Tag

Google will usually show up to 60 characters within your title tag. In the above example, you'll see that the title is cutoff with "..."

So, if you want to make sure the entire title tag shows in search results, keep it under 60 characters.

Use Your Main Keyword in Your Title Tag

Try to include the keyword you want to focus on as close to the beginning of your title as you can, and write it in a way that it's organic.

It's also important to include the benefit of your product or service. Always keep in mind, "what's in it for the customer or client?"

Content Text Settings

A mistake we sometime see with existing Wix sites is using a paragraph tag when it should instead be a heading tag. These should not be interchangeable.

The text should be identified as a heading or a paragraph.

Title tags are a key aspect of SEO and this information (along with the other content on the website) is shared with search engines.

With this in mind, you'll want to make sure that you write your title for both people and search engines.

Writing Title Tags in Wix

Wix makes writing title tags for pages of your website easy.

From your Wix dashboard, navigate to your site menu.

Click on the page you want to update and click the "SEO (Google) tab."

Here you'll be able to edit your title tag and your meta description for the page.

You'll see the other tabs where you can also set permissions, configure your social share settings and set your caching settings.

Google Keyword Plan

If you get stuck or aren't sure what keywords to focus on, use the Google Keyword plan to give you keyword ideas and see which keywords generate the most traffic.

Wix SEO Wizard

Wix also has an option in their SEO Wizard where it will analyze your keywords for you and show traffic volume as well as recommendations.

We recommend starting there if you're new to SEO as Wix will walk you through the process and give you recommendations in your SEO setup checklist.


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