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Learn About the Newly Updated Wix Editor

Difference Between Wix Editor & Editor X

We wanted to include a quick note on the difference between the two, as we understand that it might be a little confusing. The Wix Editor and Editor X are separate platforms that allow you to edit your website visually.

Improved Platform & Infrastructure

Users can now decide if they'd like to start with a blank template, choose from industry-specific templates, let artificial design intelligence create a design, or hire a Wix Expert to build their new Wix website.

The update includes:

  • Semantic Sections - every page of the site is divided into sections, which makes building your site more concise and easier to move up or down the page as needed.

  • Improved Navigation - now you can change up the layout and decide which sections work best within your site. This also makes mobile section updates easier.

  • Quick Edit Tool - it's now easier to browse through elements within a section and use them on the sidebar without accidentally dragging or changing an element within your design.

  • Zoom Out Mode - the upgraded editor can now automatically go into zoom out mode, so you have a better overall visual of your website. This is helpful for those designing on a smaller screen.

  • Switch Layout - this feature will now suggest alternative layout options to choose from, which allows you to make changes to your existing layout easily.

  • Design Presets - this a big improvement because now you can easily change your site's look and feel with the customizable design kits that are curated by Wix. Fonts and color palettes can be updated and applied across your website.

We're excited about these updates and how Wix continues to improve the traditional editor for business owners and experts.

With this progress in mind, there are a few features that we'd love to see added in the future. We've included our top picks with links to vote for the feature if you agree below!

Features we'd like to see added:

  • Tablet View - just like the mobile view option Wix already offers, we'd love the addition of a tablet view, so users can optimize for a tablet breakpoint. Using strips and staying within the defined lines of the Editor is considered best practice to ensure the design is mobile-friendly, but we'd love the option of a tablet view. In the meantime, you can use the developer tools within your Chrome browser to select the device you'd like to emulate. To vote for this feature, click here.

  • Ability to Organize & Search "My Designs" - we often like to save strips and design assets from a website to the My Designs area of the builder, and would love a way to be able to search within our designs for a specific section. This would make reusing assets across pages and websites when building much more streamlined and simple.

  • Allowing Multiple People To Edit Site at Same Time - this feature is available with Editor X, but it is currently not available with the Wix Editor. There are times during a build where it would be nice for several members of our team to be working on pages of a website at a time, and we believe this would also be beneficial for our clients as well. To vote for this feature, click here.

  • Additional Page Layouts - right now, you can choose between two types of page layouts; standard and without a header or footer. We'd like the ability to choose other page layouts within the Wix Editor. To vote for this feature, click here.

  • Switching a Site's Template - currently, you can copy a page from one site Editor, and paste it to another, but there is no way to switch the template of an existing website. We think this feature would make redesigns for clients easier and would save a lot of time. To vote for this feature, click here.

Our Take on Editor X

Again, these updates are for the traditional Wix Editor. If you want to learn more about the Editor X and our take on this platform that supports responsive designs, click here.

We still feel that for most small business owners, the Wix Editor is the best fit because it is the most user-friendly, and makes it easy for them to make future changes themselves.

Need Help Creating Your Wix Website?

We can help! We're Wix Legend Experts with 17 years experience in building successful businesses online. Book a free strategy session with our team to get started.


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