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Emails to Get More Business

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways of connecting with your prospects, building relationships, and converting those prospects into customers.

Yet some business owners end up never send out marketing emails because they aren't sure what to say, are worried they will annoy subscribers, or they just can't make the time to do it.

In this post, we're going to share types of emails you can send, what to avoid when emailing and rules to follow, email marketing solutions available, and how to build your email list.

Email Marketing Need to Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

No matter what industry you're in, there are emails you could be sending out to start conversations. This could be to build new partnerships, write content, re-engage with a lead who has gone quiet, share an update, etc.

Types of Emails You Can Send:

  • Welcome or intro email (introduce yourself and set expectations with subscribers) - this should be set to go out automatically as soon as a subscriber signs up to your community.

  • Testimonial or case study to highlight the success of a current client and show subscribers the kind of experience they can expect to have working with you.

  • Free offer for your target audience - this should be something that solves a problem or addresses a pain point for your audience.

  • Share a story (experience or lesson from your life) people like to do business with people, so write this email like you would talk to a friend and don't be afraid to share your personality.

  • Short email that asks a question (start a conversation) - this can be a follow up, check in to re-engage with the contact, or an ask of where they are now with xyz.

  • Program offer - share a special offer with your subscribers that is time sensitive, so they can benefit from being on your list.

  • Newsletter - We see so many clients who are afraid to email their email list because they don't want to be annoying, or aren't sure what to say, so they never send out program offers or business updates. But how is anyone going to know about your offer, or what you've been up to if you don't communicate it? They signed up for your newsletter because they want to hear from you, and if for some reason that changes, they can always unsubscribe.

What to Avoid When Emailing

  • Buying email lists - this is a quick way to get your domain blocked and all of your messages (even non-marketing related ones) going to spam

  • Using "spammy" sounding headlines and phrases - using all caps, bright red font, lots of exclamation points, or using suspicious words that make exaggerated claims and promises will probably be filtered

  • Emailing for the sake of emailing - make sure you have something of value to share and you set expectations in your welcome email of how often your subscribers will be hearing from you

  • Letting fear prevent you from ever emailing - it's all about balance and being brave enough to take a risk when you need to

Rules to Follow According to CAN-SPAM Act

  • Don't use false or misleading information

  • Don't include a deceptive subject line

  • Include where you're located (this can be in the footer of your email)

  • Give subscribers an easy way to opt out of receiving emails

  • Honor all opt-out requests as quickly as possible

Email Marketing Solutions to Automate Your Email Campaigns

There are several great email marketing solutions available that will allow you to not only automate your email campaigns, but that you can schedule to go out at a later date and time.

These have many features built-in to help you convert more customers through segmentation, A/B Testing, and pre-built email templates.

We strongly recommend using an email marketing solution to streamline the process and allow you to create your content when you have time, and schedule it to go out when you're ready.

How to Grow Your List

Create & offer a lead magnet (ebook, guide, webinar, free trial, quiz, coupon, etc.) People don't mind sharing their email with you if they're getting something of value in return.

See our example lead magnet guide on the left: Free Traffic Planner Guide - Use this guide to help you plan your marketing campaign, so you can get more quality visitors to your site!

You can also use a double opt-in with your lead magnets to ensure you are only sending emails to people who give consent to receive your campaigns.

These require a new subscriber to verify their email address so they can receive your lead magnet.

What You'll Need for Your Lead Magnet Campaign:

  1. Landing page where you highlight the benefits of your lead magnet (this can then be found in search results, shared on social media, and linked from your business card or another site.

  2. Section on your website that features your lead magnet

  3. Automated Delivery Email that sends out your lead magnet immediately after request is made by a visitor

  4. The actual offer (pdf of ebook/guide, link to webinar recording or live event, code created & ready to go, etc.)

  5. Automated Check In Email that checks in to make sure they received your offer, and see if they have any questions - a great way to start a conversation and show that you care about helping them solve their problem.

Need Help Creating Your Email Campaign?

Let's chat! We're Wix Legend Experts with 17 years experience in helping businesses get online and scale their business.

Book a free strategy session with our team and take the first step!


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