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Overcoming Your Fears of Creating Content

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

A question we’re often asked is how to create authoritative content and position yourself as a leader in your space.

People do business with people, so someone needs to be the face of your business. Those of us who are introverts might struggle with this because the idea of getting in front of a camera or starting a podcast makes you cringe.

BUT, you can figure out how to start creating content in a way that vibes well with your personality.

The main goal of creating content is to help increase visibility in search results and better connects with your target audience through education and sharing valuable information.

As a service provider, you have expertise that can help someone. You might say it in a different way or they’ll hear it or read it at a time that it resonates with them on a different level.

So, what is preventing you from getting the word out?

Common Fears & Reasons Business Owners Put Off Creating Content

  1. Don’t have the time & can’t afford to pay someone else to do it

  2. Won’t be able to finish what you start

  3. Not sure what to say or how to say it

  4. Don’t think your perspective will add to the conversation

  5. Worried about being rejected/judged

  6. Fear that your writing or presence on camera won’t be good enough

  7. Don’t want to be the face of your business

Finding Content Ideas in Every Day Life

Creating content is a lot like working out. If you haven’t been going to the gym, you’re going to feel out of practice and might be tempted to put it off.

But don’t let yourself off the hook so easily (or be too critical of yourself!) As long as your heart is in the right place, and you’re creating content with your target audience in mind, creating something is better than not creating anything at all.

Every business owner can create content, some just choose not to.

Content at its core is storytelling. We are all storytellers – some of us are just more shy about telling our stories.

You might not be sharing what you had for lunch on social media, but when you share your day with your spouse, or tell your friend about something funny that happened, you are creating content.

Want an example of creating content from every day life? Here’s a post by, Ailsa, on reprogramming your mindset to be more positive. What inspired her to write the post? Her dislike for driving!

Goal of Authoritative Content

The content you create for your business should take a stance (don’t be afraid to have an opinion) and a goal behind it:

  1. Increase brand awareness (get the word out about your business)

  2. Increase number subscribers in your community

  3. Generate leads and nurture current connections

  4. Convert leads into customers/clients

  5. Provide an improved experience to your customers

  6. Up sell an existing customer into another service

How can you take what you know and communicate it in a way that will resonate with your audience?

To do this well, you’re going to need to know your demographic. Who you want to work with, where they live, what they do, what they like, their age, etc.

If you don’t know your demographic, think about your favorite client.

  1. What type of questions did they ask you?

  2. What concerns did they have?

  3. What is their personality like?

  4. How do they speak and what’s their tone like?

Picture this person when you are brainstorming topic ideas and you’ll start to think of valuable content!

For more on how to write compelling web copy for your website, click here.

Content Channels & Types of Content

  1. Video/YouTube Channel

  2. Podcast

  3. Blog Posts

  4. Website Content

  5. Email Marketing

  6. Social Images

  7. Guides & Infographics

Many business owners don’t like the idea of getting in front of the camera. They’re worried that they’ll be judged, or if they don’t have the best camera or microphone it will represent their business poorly.

The way we consume content today is moving more towards video, audio and graphics. People like to consume information quickly and our society has grown impatient.

Start Small

Give yourself some small wins and start with the channel you’re most comfortable with. If writing a blog post feels more comfortable for you, start writing blog posts.

Bold key information for the skimmers and incorporate images into your post to add some visuals.

Set a goal for a number of blog posts you plan to write each week and block out time in your scheduled to write.

Pro Tip: Do yourself a favor and keep a doc or whiteboard handy where you can write down ideas for articles when they come to you. This way you don’t have to spend time brainstorming ideas for a topic when you actually sit down to write.

Still Not Sure What Content to Create? Ask!

Ask your community, “Thinking about putting together [xyz] to help [target audience] [what it helps achieve]. Would this be helpful to anyone?”

By gathering feedback you can not only vet a topic, but you also now have a list of interested people to share your content with once you’ve created it!

Another great resource for what people are searching is the website This is a great site for consumer search insights and can help you come up with some content ideas.


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