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Reprogramming Your Mindset to Be More Positive

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I HATE driving.

Not because I live in LA where there are a lot of aggressive drivers on the road, or because we have to drive at least 20 minutes to get anywhere.

I hate it because of a negative experience I had 6 years ago.

I was driving with my mom and we were on our way to a local trail to go hiking. We were t-boned by a speeding car.

Our car rolled and we were stuck inside in the middle of the street until firefighters came to pry the door open.

My mom broke her nose and we were strapped to a hard, plastic stretcher before being taken by ambulance to the hospital.

In the emergency room, nurses surrounded me, asking questions as they cut off my clothes to see if I was injured. They then moved us from room to room, testing for signs of internal bleeding.

The paramedics said if the car had hit my side just a few inches to the left, I’d be paralyzed.

But that didn’t happen, and instead my mom and I walked away very lucky.

I didn’t want to drive for a long time after the accident. I had a difficult time just being a passenger in a car.

My hands would start sweating, heart pounding, and I’d lose sight in my right eye. It felt like this would be my life now – unable to go anywhere because I was too scared to drive.

I realized a big part of my anxiety was my negative thinking. Constantly thinking, “I hate driving” made me fixate on that negativity and why I hated driving.

Become Aware of Your Thinking Patterns

I didn’t start by thinking, “I need to start reprogramming my mindset to be more positive.” For me, I just got tired of my reality. I didn’t like being anxious and having panic attacks while in a car.

That wasn’t the life I wanted, and I didn’t want to be the person who was afraid to do something as simple as driving.

It doesn’t have to be a major negative thought. It could even be the self deprecating thoughts you have about yourself.

We’re often the most critical of ourselves, but think about if a person treated someone you love this way.

Would you stand by and let them? If not, then don’t do it to yourself.

Decide You Want to Make a Change

Some people enjoy being negative and cynical. If you don’t see a problem with a negative mindset, then that’s your choice.

No one can make you be positive.

But, if you find being negative makes you unhappy, consider if it’s also making those around you unhappy.

If you don’t want to make a change for yourself, are you willing to try for them?

Reprogram Your Brain to Turn Negatives Into Positives

I like to do this by focusing on what I’m thankful for.

If i’m feeling especially anxious I’ll even lie to myself and think, “I love driving.” I then try to think about what aspects of driving I do like.

“I get to see the beautiful California scenery, I’m in a reliable car, and driving gives me freedom to get out of the house.”

When you find yourself starting to think negatively, pay attention to when you’re feeling that way. What emotions are you feeling? What could be causing those emotions?

Instead, focus on what you’re thankful for, and remind yourself that these negative thoughts are preventing you from having more positivity in your life.

Spread Kindness & Joy to Others

Start small.

If you’re dealing with anxiety or depression, baby steps are still steps in the right direction.

Taking a moment to do a small favor, do something fun with someone you care about.

Or, do an act of kindness can help give you a boost and break the negative cycle of thinking.

Reach out to a friend or a loved one and tell them why you’re thankful for them.

Just do something that’s a step forward.

Make Time for You

In the airplane safety video at the part where the oxygen masks are demonstrated, they tell you to put your mask on first.

The same should be applied in your daily life – put your mask on first.

It can be difficult to focus on positive thoughts, especially if it feels like life just keeps punching you in the face.

But, cut yourself some slack and be kind to yourself. Take a break from what you’re doing to do something that brings you joy, or at least shifts you out of a negative mindset.

Reprogramming Your Mindset to Be More Positive…It doesn’t happen overnight.

Like anything worth doing though, if you keep at it, and continue to take steps in the right direction, you’ll get the results you want.

I’d be lying if I said I love driving now. I’d still prefer to walk if given the option, BUT, I’m working on it.

I don’t have panic attacks anymore while driving and each drive I make is a small win for me.

While reprogramming your mindset to be more positive, check in with yourself and make sure you’re being kind to yourself.

Keep doing it, and it will eventually become a positive habit.

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