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Importance of Planning Your Content So You Keep Your Momentum

When it comes to content, relevancy and consistency are key!

You want to make sure that the content you create is for your specific target audience, and you're good about sharing content regularly.

We've been writing blog posts and creating content for a long time now, so it comes a little easier to us to sit down and produce content on the fly, but this is a skill that you learn over time.

How to Create Relevant Content Consistently

If you're new to creating content, it can feel super overwhelming! We want to share 3 easy to implement steps to help you create a process and schedule for creating content.

At the end of the day, it's going to be up to you to make it happen. You have to make it a priority in your business. We can share a structure that works for us and our clients, but it's up to you to hold yourself to your schedule and make the time!

Let's jump into 3 steps to plan your content so you keep your momentum going:

1. Schedule Time to Brainstorm

Pick a day each month where you'll brainstorm the topics you want to cover for the month. Use this time to write down problems your clients experience, wins that they've shared with you, and common pitfalls you notice that you can help others avoid.

If you're feeling stumped and unable to come up with ideas when you think about your client base, it's time to consume content!

The goal is not to copy someone else's idea, but inspire you to see things in a different way - or, give you a new perspective.

The first time you sit down to brainstorm, you can start by listing out a few content creators in your industry whose content you respect and enjoy. This can be creators with a big or small following.

What's important is finding some people who inspire you and whose content you enjoy!

As you consume content, consider the following:

  • What are the common themes this creator focuses on?

  • How does their audience in engage with that content (check the comments for useful feedback)?

  • Is there an angle they haven't yet covered?

  • What is your unique take that you can offer your audience?

  • What content format do you want to focus on?

2. Plan Content Themes for the Month

Once you have a few topic ideas with your target audience in mind, start writing out titles for your content. Choose titles that are eye-catching and compelling so they stand out from other results that will be shown.

Questions, How-To's, numbers and headlines that showcase your value are great to include in your headline. For more inspiration on what content to create, read this.

It helps to have an idea of the content format you want to create and the channels you plan to share it on, as this will dictate what will be needed later.

So, next to the title, make a note if it's a blog post, infographic, video, etc. This will help make sure you're better prepared for when you actually create that content.

Taking the time to plan out several topics for the month will make your life easier each week when you sit down to start creating. This way, you'll have a focus for what needs to be done, and can make the best use of your time!

3. Choose a Day to Make it Happen Each Week

Now that you have your topic planned for the week, you can sit down and start creating. As you get started, give yourself 2-3 hours in your schedule to create your content. Remember, done is better than perfect, and you'll get faster and more comfortable doing it the more practice you have.

The day you end up choosing will depend on your schedule and personal preference.

The important thing is being consistent about it and not letting your schedule fill up with other things that will distract you from creating and sharing your content.

Once you've created your content, use a social scheduler like HootSuite or Wix's Social Post Scheduler in your dashboard to schedule your content for the week. This will save time having to log in each day to your various social accounts, and is a great habit to get into so you actually remember to share it!

Start Planning & Creating Your Content Now!

We only get so much time, so make sure the things you choose to spend time on are worthwhile. As the owner of your business, you'll find that your schedule often has a way of filling itself up with meetings, to-do's, and what feels like never ending work.

Don't let yourself become an employee in your own business! Start reclaiming your schedule, and make sure you're focusing on tasks that will grow and improve your business.

Life is too short to spend it doing stuff you don't enjoy in the hopes that you'll one day build a life you love. Consistently implementing your marketing plan will help you build a business that supports the life you want to live. Take the first step by planning your content for the month now!


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