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Email Marketing is Not Dead

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

but it might feel like your creativity is…

Email marketing is not dead. It’s just not the sexy new tactic that’s being pushed.

If you’ve been doing email marketing for a while, it might feel like you’ve said everything there is to say about your business.

Here’s Your Problem

You need to shift towards a more client/customer mindset. When you do this, you can tell stories that resonate with them and apply to the problem you solve.

A well-crafted message can still have a positive impact. We see it within our own marketing system, as well as our clients.

So anyone who tells you “email marketing is dead” is just hoping to get you jazzed about another tactic.

Marketing is all about starting conversations. Email is a great way to start a conversation!

Email Marketing – The Basics

Through email marketing you can connect with your audience, increase brand awareness by staying top of mind and increase your sales.

Whether you’re goal is to sell more products or services, share news, or tell a story, email marketing is there to make it happen.

It Still Works

Think about it… the emails that annoy you are the ones that are selling something you’re not interested in.

BUT, if you were interested because it helped you solve a problem, or alerted you to something you didn’t know you needed, yet was super informative, or was from someone you cared about, that would be a different story.


Also, for those who want to put all of their eggs in the social media or Google basket, what happens if they change your policies and pull your ads or your account down?

You don’t have ownership of it.

This is why your website and email list is so important – you own it.

So, how do you build your email list?

  1. Create a signup form on your website (this can be placed throughout your site, in the footer, or in a pop-up – be careful with this though, pop-ups can be annoying)

  2. Encourage signups by offering a discount, a free guide, host a contest, or promise to share information that will only be shared with your community – make sure you uphold this promise

  3. Build a landing page to drive traffic to answer the 5 important questions – 1) what you’re offering, 2) who it’s for, 3) why they need it, 4) why trust you & 5) what to do next

Pro Tip: Don’t buy an email list. It impacts your sending reputation and to put it simply, it just rubs people the wrong way.

Create an Automated Welcome Campaign

This should be the first step when creating your email strategy. Automation is your friend! It can help you reclaim time in your day and starts the process of setting expectations with your audience.

email marketing is not dead

When someone signs up for your newsletter and they automatically receive an email that welcomes them to your community, tells them what to expect, and shares some valuable info, you’re making a great first impression!

Mailchimp offers a great guide to help you create your automated welcome campaign and their service is free for those who are getting started (up to 2,000 contacts & 1 audience included)!

Need Help Creating an Email Template?

Templates are a great way to help you get in the flow and habit of writing emails.

Hubspot has several great examples and templates available here to help you get started.

Email Marketing is Not Dead – Our Advice:

  1. Don’t overthink it, or overdo it

  2. Try to consistently engage with your list (don’t beat yourself up if you forget, but get on it if you do!)

  3. Focus on starting a conversation

  4. Tell a story (think about how something that happened in your day might resonate with your customer and what your unique take is on it)

  5. Offer value to your audience (remember, you’re an expert in your field and they wanted to hear from you – they wouldn’t have signed up for your newsletter if they didn’t!)

  6. Experiment with short emails and long emails (the short emails may surprise you with more engagement & conversions)

Wrapping It Up

Through consistency, discipline and focus, you can build a meaningful relationship through your email marketing.

Email marketing is not dead. It just might not be the shiny new tactic that’s out there.

Shiny tactics will distract you from your goal and can be a big time waster. So, focus on the basics, and put your energy into assets that you own/have control over!


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