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Wix Dropshipping Website

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Wix Dropshipping Website created during our Website in a Day program for Workhorse Tees.

Workhorse Tees is a brand that was created for hardworking equestrians who want to express their love of horses!


We start our builds with a stylescape to establish site elements, fonts, color schemes and imagery for the website.

Selected images should showcase customers in a happy future state (our favorite), or they can illustrate the problem that your product or service will solve.


Next we create wireframes to plan out the content for the website. Your website should be more than a pretty thing that has cool features.

Our goal with all of our builds is to create a beautiful website that converts traffic. This is achieved by ensuring that we effectively communicate:

  1. What You Do

  2. Who It’s For

  3. Why They Need It

  4. Why Trust you

  5. Next Steps


Content is something we get asked about a lot. How much to have, what to include, what the voice should be and if they should hold off on updating their design before nailing down the content.

If you don’t have a ton of content, that’s okay!

Start with what you have (if it’s not a lot, a 1-page informational site is great) and build from there.

You can use anchor tags to direct a visitor to a specific area on your page, and it’s a great foundation to start from.

Don’t let it stop you from launching your website! Many business owners think they need to lock everything down and make sure it’s “perfect” before getting online.

Your website will never be truly done.

So, if you think of your launch as version 1, you can continue to update and tweak your content using your data to make those decisions.

Mobile-Friendly Wix Dropshipping Website – Workhorse Tees

wix dropshipping website

The end result is a mobile-friendly website that features selected dropshipped products, and also links to their Society6 shop.

Make your website work for you and get your business online today! Click here to book a strategy session with our team.


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