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Free Website Launch Checklist

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We're strong believers that making progress is better than chasing perfection.

This mindset is what inspired us to create our Website in a Day and Brand Amplifier signature services.

Our goal is to help business owners get online quickly, so they can start gathering information, evaluating their data, and making data-driven decisions to help their business improve and grow!

A Common Pitfall for Brands

In our experience, one of the biggest pitfalls business owners fall into is trying to make their website "perfect" before they launch it.

Why putting off your launch is a disservice:

  • You could be gathering data (site performance, rankings, traffic sources, etc.) & generating sales for your business

  • The longer you put off launching, the more time just flies by (time is the one resource we can't make more of)

  • You might be inspired by something new tomorrow, or change your mind altogether, and end up even further from your goal of launching

  • Your website will never be "perfect" - there's always going to be something you want to tweak, improve, swap out, add or optimize & the sooner you accept this, the happier you'll be that progress was made!

Digital Strategy: 3 Pillars - Evaluate, Create, Optimize

Digital strategy consists of using technology and marketing tactics to help you achieve your online goals.

We think of this as a never ending cycle that (like your website) can continuously be improved upon.

Whether you need to focus on driving more traffic, improving your website to increase conversions, or strengthening existing & new relationships, digital strategy doesn't stop.

This being said, aspects of it can be automated to save you time & simplify unnecessary steps.

Here are a few things technology can help automate:

  • Booking meetings or a service (no more phone tag or back and forth emails to schedule a meeting)

  • Email reminders, follow ups, and setting expectations (your time can be better spent in other areas of your business)

  • Posting on social media (schedule your posts for the week and be done)

  • Sending out newsletters (welcome emails, email campaigns, or updates)

  • Invoicing & more!

Every business is different, but the main focus is to:

Your website can be your best salesperson if you let it! So, stop putting it off and get your website launched today.

Get Instant Access

Click the pdf icon below to get instant access. There's no sign up form, just click the link and enjoy!

B7 Free Website Checklist
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