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Creating and Marketing Your Online Business – DIY or DWY

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

I’ve always liked to do things myself.

I don’t even like asking where something is in a store – I’ll find it myself.

It might be out of stubbornness or a drive to be as independent as possible …but, whatever the reason, I’ve always prided myself on figuring something out and not asking for help.

I will however, be the first to admit that it’s not always the best use of my time.

AND because I’m a perfectionist, sometimes I’m not even thrilled with the outcome.

Knowing When to Ask for Help

As a business owner, I’ve learned over the years that sometimes it’s better to delegate and work smarter rather than harder.

I’ve burned myself out doing everything DIY, and that’s not to assume that’ll be your experience.

BUT, I wanted to share my experience in case you’re considering a complete DIY (do-it-yourself), DIY with some expert support, or a more DWY (done-with-you) approach.

Greg Hickman & AltAgency

I first heard about Greg while attending a virtual workshop for agency owners.

Although I like to do things myself, I’m always trying to learn more – especially from those who have done it before, or might have a better way of doing something.

After years of working late nights, weekends and still not having the business I wanted, I knew I needed help, and I liked AltAgency’s approach and philosophy.

DIY, DWY & DFY – A Personal Preference

Greg caught my attention because he talked about DIY, DWY and DFY (done-for-you), specifically in regards to agency owners.

We had taken the approach for many years that many traditional web agencies take because it has become the accepted way of doing things.

Standard Approach to Web Design

A client reaches out with a list of requests, the agency custom quotes the project and creates a personalized approach (free of charge) in the hopes that they’ll be chosen.

This mean countless hours quoting, talking and scoping out a project with the risk that the client might go with someone else in the end, or ghost the web agency altogether.

Thinking on this approach made me consider that just because it’s accepted as the norm, it doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do things.

Why DFR (Done-for-You) is Tricky

DFR requires a lot of assumptions on both sides. The client has to assume that the agency knows EXACTLY what the they need.

The agency has to assume the client knows what they need, will be able to communicate it within a short timeframe, and will have the budget to achieve the done-for-you scope of work.

If you’re not an expert in something, you just don’t know what you don’t know. You instead look to the expert in the hopes that they’ll make what you want a reality.

What can happen with this approach is that the client doesn’t always know what they need, and the agency thinks they know what the client wants, but they’re not on the same page.

Resources get spent and at the end of the project the client feels like they didn’t really get what they wanted, and the agency is disappointed that the client isn’t happy.

The web agency wants to be able to say, “sit back and we’ll WOW you!” because they care about the work they do and they want to help.

But, it’s incredibly difficult to outline everything a client could possibly need for their online business within a short timeline of quoting, and anticipate their future requirements (especially because they’re probably also putting together multiple quotes at a time for several businesses).

So, the client gets frustrated that the web agency didn’t think of everything, or know all the ins and outs of their business.

And although that frustration is understandable, it’s tough for the web agency because it’s just not possible for them to know a as well as the owner.

That is, unless you can offer a standardized approach with set deliverables and a specific outcome.

Why I Now Prefer DWY & DIY with Support

We ended up joining AltAgency’s 90 day coaching program, and then continued into the monthly mastermind program.

creating and marketing your online business DIY or DWY

They practiced what they preached and I was able to create several DWY and even DIY programs that are now our signature services.

Now, rather than creating a custom approach and quote every time, we offer programs with a set scope, deliverables and support resources.

Shared Responsibility of Outcome

We now make sure the client understands that they are also responsible for their project’s outcome.

If they don’t show up to the calls, do their end of the work, or provide us with the information we requested during onboarding, that’s on them.

The fact is, we don’t know their business as well as them, and we can’t anticipate ALL of their future requirements.

But, we can give them the information and foundation they need to get to where they want to be with the help of an expert.

Creating and Marketing Your Online Business

– With the Help of an Expert

Creating and Marketing Your Online Business

These programs aren’t for everyone. This was done on purpose to ensure we could offer a repeatable process with a set outcome.

Our clients are happy because they have the foundation and resources they need to grow and improve their business, and we’re happy because we know exactly what we need to do to help them make it happen.

DIY – Amplifier

Amplifier is great for the do-it-youself-er who wants on-demand, personalized training videos and resources of their specific Wix or WordPress environment.

What You Get:

amplifier workbook
  1. Amplifier Workbook

  2. On demand training videos

  3. Strategy calls & coaching sessions (simply schedule a call with our team)

  4. Access to private Amplifier Facebook Group

  5. On demand Q&A in our dedicated project management system

Clients who join Amplifier get help evaluating where they are now, creating the website and marketing campaigns they need to better connect with their audience, and optimizing their online presence to serve that audience themselves as best as possible.

DWY – Website in a Day

During Website in a Day, we help you create, launch and rank your site on Google in 1 day.

website in a day workbook

What You Get:

  1. Website in a Day Workbook

  2. Stylescape (to establish design direction – fonts, color scheme, site elements & imagery)

  3. Wireframes (to establish layout, content placement & messaging)

  4. A Wix or WordPress website with your branding, content & settings

  5. Base SEO Configurations to help your site start ranking ASAP

  6. 1 Training Video of your new site environment

This option is for the business owner who wants a done-with-you approach that quickly gives them the foundation they need to grow their business.

Creating and Marketing Your Online Business – Doesn’t have to be a path you walk alone

If you’re a do-it-yourself-er that’s great! You can still get personalized support when you need it from an expert who has done it before.

For those who prefer done-with-you and want an expert to expedite the process for you, we can help.

Book a free strategy session today with our team to chat about your business and see if our programs are a fit!


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