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Expert Wix Website Design and Marketing Guidance

We simplify Wix website design & marketing by delivering the foundation you need to get online fast (as quick as 1 day) with a personalized marketing plan for consistent business.

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How We Can Help

Your business is more than your website. A website can help you build awareness and generate leads, but without an actionable plan, you'll end up investing time and money without a clear return on your investment. Our programs teach you how to create marketing funnels that convert traffic into consistent business, and streamline the process of getting online, so you can learn how to update, market, and optimize your business like a pro

Our Programs

On the Computer

Timeline: 1 Day

Website in a Day

Border7℠ Website in a day is a 1 day program where we create and launch your Wix website in just one day.


We review your info, create resources, implement your site & record a training video, so you can get online fast.

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Timeline: 1 Week

Website + Marketing Plan

Border7℠ Web Fundamentals (website + marketing plan) is a 1 week coaching and implementation program.


We evaluate & create your Wix or WordPress website, and deliver a personalized marketing plan.

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Timeline: 1 Month

Website + Marketing Funnel

Border7℠ Web Essentials (website + marketing funnel) is a 1 month coaching and implementation program for Wix or WordPress.


We evaluate, create & optimize the website & marketing funnel you need to get consistent business online.

Our Philosophy
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Our Philosophy

Progress > Perfection

Even the most ambitious goals are possible if you break them down into small, manageable steps. Waiting to launch your website until it's "perfect" is preventing you from making meaningful progress with your business. 

Instead, we favor the belief that making progress is better than chasing perfection. This is where real growth happens, and how you are able to build a strong foundation for your business to grow.


Our goal is to help you build a thriving online presence, and guide you towards achieving work-life balance. Too many people work with the goal of one day enjoying life. Let's work together to create an online business that supports the life you want to live now!

About Us

Living a Balanced Life

With a wealth of experience in managing 7-figure ad campaigns and helping businesses quadruple their revenue, Brendan Bracken is the driving force behind our clients' online success. He leads our Marketing Coaching program, Amplifier, helping you to gain clarity with your personalized strategy and unlock your marketing potential

Ailsa Bracken is a published author and the designer behind our award-winning websites. As a Goldman Sachs 10k Small Businesses Alumni, Certified Wix Accessibility Specialist, UGurus Graduate, and AltAgency Graduate, she has the skills needed to make your vision a reality.

Together, Brendan and Ailsa form the husband and wife team that can transform your online presence, and help you on your journey to living a more balanced life!

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Border7 Certifications


Recent Projects

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What Our Clients Say

Nurse Sonja Knows

Client Video Testimonial

"Immediately after meeting Brendan and the rest of the Border7 team, I knew that there was something special there. Somehow, they were able to take something nebulous - this concept of a space that I wanted, that would combine my work with wellness, my job in healthcare with my career in writing, and they were able to turn it into a space that resonated with exactly what I wanted in a day..." - Sonja

“The team made it easy for a novice to understand how everything works on the website and that was my biggest concern. The 7 day warranty period is also very reassuring that I will be taken care of incase I have problems after the creation. I definitely recommend to anyone that needs help with putting together a business website.“ 

– Tom, Feel Awesome

“Border7 Studios exceeded my expectations in all areas: communications, customer service, customer education, and work product. I wholeheartedly give my highest recommendation. Border7 implements an efficient, impressive procedure that informs and educates the client in all facets of their website design and functions."

- Michelle, Beach Barrister

Michelle founder of Beach Barrister

“In addition to all the work he has done behind the scenes, Brendan has shown me each step so I can maintain the framework he has put in place. In just 2 weeks, I've learned more than what I was able to do on my own in a year! I highly recommend Border7 to anyone looking to improve their website.”

- Rita, Success Tutoring

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