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Wix Website in a Day for Natural Cleaning Products

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

PowderPuff provides natural, chemical free home products that are green and eco-friendly.

Katherine, owner of PowderPuff, created the line of pet-friendly products after finding traditional cleaners to be irritating to her lungs and skin.

She was also tired of having to keep her animals away from the harsh chemicals while they treated a stain, so she made her own all natural cleaning products!

Step 1: Review Submitted Info & Responses

The first step for creating a Wix Website in a Day for Natural Cleaning Products Brand, PowderPuff, was to review the completed questionnaire and resources.

We then prepared a few questions for the Zoom session and created our own resources for the project.

Step 2: Create Wireframes & Stylescape

wix website in a day for natural cleaning products wireframe

Wireframes help to establish the content that will be featured on the site and where it will be placed.

We like to prioritize and feature key content above the fold (what you see within your screen before it gets cut off and you have to scroll) so we can make sure a site visitor sees key information first.

wix website in a day for natural cleaning products stylescape


The stylescape helps to determine the site elements and direction for the design. Our team can then reference this stylescape when designing the new site.

Step 3: Review Wireframes & Stylescape in Zoom

We review resources to make sure we’re on the same page and haven’t missed anything (content, functionality, or design elements). If we need to make tweaks to our resources, we do this after the call and then move to the next step.

Step 4: Setup Wix Environment & Configure Settings

Once the wireframes and design have been locked in, our team starts setting up the site environment. This was a Wix build with an online store and it was built to be mobile-friendly.

Step 5: Review Site Environment & Final Changes in Zoom

After the site has been implemented, we hop on a Zoom call to review the environment via screen share. We take notes of any changes that need to happen and discusses final steps to prepare for launch, which is the final step!

Step 6: Launch Website & Deliver Training Video by the End of the Day

The final steps for launch kick off by following our Developer’s Checklist where we make sure filler text has been replaced, all links are linked, and the site has been tested on popular devices and browsers.

We then connect the domain, make sure the SSL is installed, and setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster.

In addition to our personalized training video, we also like to share a link to the Wix help center, which has resources on how to manage and update the site.

Mobile-Friendly Wix Website in a Day for Natural Cleaning Products

wix website in a day for natural cleaning products

Maintain a healthy and clean home with products that are environmentally friendly and cruelty free.

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