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Wix Website for Reiki Master & Tarot Reader

We're excited to share a client showcase with a dark, mystical design. One of the things we love about what we do is getting to work with so many different types of businesses.

Today's showcase features a business that offers Reiki and Tarot Reading services, which was a lot of fun to design for and learn more about!

Wix Client Showcase for Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki Business


After our onboarding form has been completed by a client, our team takes time to review their responses. We pay careful attention to their design preferences (what sites they like, color scheme and overall style), as well as their requirements.

This was a fun build for our team because it incorporated a dark theme, which we felt gave the design a high-end feel that also complimented the mystical nature of the business.


By creating wireframes of key pages, we are able to help our team and the client better prepare for what content we'll need, where it will go, and what information we choose to give priority.

This is important because we want the website to be as easy to navigate as possible. A visitor to the site should be able to quickly understand what the business does, who their service or product is for, why that audience needs it, why they should be trusted, and what to do next to learn more or get started.

End Result: Mobile-Friendly Website for Reiki Master & Tarot Reader

The end result is an adaptive, mobile-friendly Wix Website that is professional, easy to navigate. It features a design that captures the brand's vibe and elegantly presents information to a visitor.

About Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki

Elizabeth Breckenridge, owner & founder of Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki is a Quantum Reiki Master and Tarot Reader who helps spiritual rebels reject fear and reclaim their power to live authentically.

We are big believers in the power of manifesting and hope we attract more positive clients like Elizabeth to work with.

To see the live site and learn more about Coffee Cups Tarot and Reiki click here!


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