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Updated: Apr 7

Stylescape to Establish Design Direction

After our team reviews the completed questionnaire & client resources, we get to work creating a stylescape to show the colors, fonts, images and site elements we plan to use for the new website.

Captain Tim Show wanted a pastel palette with a fishing theme to support their video channel.

Wireframes to Lay Out & Prioritize Content – Wix Video Channel Website

Once we have the look and feel of the design established, we begin organizing content and planning out how the site will be laid out.

This helps our clients know what content they need to get to us, and better picture how the site will be structured.

End Result – Mobile-Friendly Wix Video Channel Website

After the wireframes have been approved, our team begins setting up the Wix environment and implementing the website.

We enjoy adding little touches like the fish animation that brings you to the top of the page when clicked, as well as a Sea Shanties playlist in the footer.

About Captain Tim Show

Captain Tim Show’s mission is giving back. As a 501c3 non-profit, they’re dedicated to helping others experience fishing for enjoyment, wisdom & balance!

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