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Wix New Advanced SEO Tools

Wix Live Webinar

As a Wix Legend Partner, we always look forward to attending their live webinars where they share new features and share what they've been working on.

We're super excited to share some of the new SEO tools, so you can have optics on your website's data, and make data-driven decisions!

URL Customization for Blog Posts and Product Pages

The ability to customize the default structure of your products and blog posts.

You can find this feature in your site's dashboard > Marketing & SEO > SEO Tools > SEO Patterns > choose your relevant page type > Page URL.

This can be used to adjust the URL structure, edit the path prefix (or even remove it). URLs are crucial, so don't make unnecessary changes.

Automatic Redirects

If your site is live, you'll want to make sure you do 301 redirects after you make any url changes.

Keep the checkbox on, and Wix will now automatically redirect links you change.

Expanded Structured Data Markup Customization Options

These are pieces of code that is added to the website html to better tell search engine bots what content is on the page, and the purpose of the page.

Adding markups can sometimes make your pages eligible for rich search results.

Wix Presets and SEO Patterns

Wix addresses Structured Data Markups for you, and adds it in by default to certain page types. You can now control your markups on the page-type level and add your own.

This feature can be found in your site's dashboard > Marketing & SEO > SEO Tools > SEO Patterns > choose your relevant page type > Structured Data Markup.

This will allow you to switch the default markup for your blog posts, add an additional markup for any of your pages (when relevant), and convert the default markup to a custom one (in case you'd like to enrich it or make a change).

Bot Log Reports

These are a set of reports that can help you understand how bots (specifically search engine bots) interact with your website. They are super helpful at identifying errors, issues and opportunities for improvement.

Your bot log reports can be found in your site's dashboard > Analytics > Reports > Marketing & SEO.

These reports can help you gain optics on your data, and understand which bots are crawling your website (and how frequently), which site pages are being crawled the most, and are there HTTP errors bots are encountering that you'll want to address.

Robots and Additional Meta Tags

Meta tags are snippets of code that describe your page to search engines and social networks. Although they are not visible on the page itself, they tell search engines how to display the page within search results.

Robots meta tags tell search engines how to interact with pages on your site.

For individual pages, they can be applied through the Editor panel (Advanced SEO), or within the SEO Settings panel for product pages, blog posts & more.

To apply multiple pages all at once, update through SEO Patterns after choosing the relevant page type.

The good news is that you should already have a solid foundation, as Wix adds all of the required default additional meta tags to your pages based on common SEO best practices.

Upcoming Releases

New and easier editing experience - allow editing meta gats of all pages in one place (instead of having to go in page by page and open the editor).

Bulk editing actions, export & import will be added soon. Wix is also working on better and easier ways of adding schemas to your website.

Having one place to see and edit all pages is super exciting because it will save you time and make your life easier!


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