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Wix Jewelry Business Website

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Website in a Day & Amplifier Client Showcase

We had the pleasure of working with Kathy during our Website in a Day program, and Brand Amplifier marketing program.

Together, we worked to streamline the navigation and website, so it would guide a customer through the store and to specific jewelry pieces.


We started by creating a color palette based off of Kathy’s logo. This helps to set the design direction for the updated site, as well as imagery and featured elements.

Since Kathy has a beautiful bird that accompanies her while she makes her jewelry, we incorporated this into our theme for the new design.

wix jewelry business website stylescape

Sophisticated Jewelry Designs Stylescape

Effective Messaging

It was important to make sure we communicated who the jewelry was for, why they needed it (connect emotionally or speak to a customer’s future state), why purchase from Sophisticated Jewelry Designs, and what to do when they were ready to make a purchase.

Creating Content

This is something that gives many small businesses trouble. You’re so focused on running your business that it feels like you just don’t have time to create content and market your business.

Creating content is important. It’s often for a blog, but can (and should) be practiced throughout your site to ensure that content is up-to-date and is compelling.

Content can be a blog post, video, podcast, or sharing a photo.

We encourage our clients to start by choosing one medium they’re comfortable with, and then start with 1 channel to share it on.

Don’t Let Yourself Get Overwhelmed

Creating 1 piece of content and sharing it on 1 channel is better than never posting anything because the thought of marketing overwhelms you.

Start small, and go from there! Give yourself some wins and you’ll start to see that you can build an audience and momentum from there.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to tweak your content and see if you can simplify it more, so it’s as engaging as possible!

Mobile Friendly Wix Site for Jewelry Business

The end result is a beautiful, mobile-friendly Wix site that makes it easy to browse categories and make a purchase!

Sophisticated Jewelry Designs by Kathy Mattes is for working women who want to make a statement, and look classy while expressing their uniqueness.

wix jewelry business website mobile friendly

Mobile friendly design

See the live site and browse Sophisticated Jewelry Designs’ collection of handmade, quality jewelry all created by Kathy Mattes here.

Wix Website in a Day Program

Want to get your website created, launched and ranked on Google in 1 day? Book a free strategy session today to chat about your business and see if our process is a fit for you!


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