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Wix Christmas Tree Website

Wix Website in a Day Client Showcase for Christmas Ranch Tree Farms in Thousand Oaks & Simi Valley.

With the holidays right around the corner, and the weather already starting to become more chilly here in the mountains, we were excited to work on a website for a Christmas tree farm here in California!

Christmas Ranch Tree Farms is a family owned & operated full-service tree farm that came to us with the goal of migrating to Wix and updating the design of their website.


Helps us to establish the design direction of the new site. We include recommended fonts, color schemes, site elements and the imagery.


Are used to determine what content will be included on the website, and what priority it should be given (where it will be placed on the page and how much it’ll be featured).

Website in a Day – Wix Christmas Tree Website

The end result is a mobile-friendly Wix website that links to their square online ordering system, so visitors can purchase their trees online.

Christmas Ranch Tree Farms has been providing fresh California Christmas trees since 1971!

Visit them to buy a fresh tree with the family or get your tree delivered. Check out the live site here!

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