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Why Online Business Is Important in Pandemic

When the pandemic started back in 2020, many thought it would only last a few weeks - maybe a few months. Instead, we're still dealing with the impact 2 years later, and many businesses have been forced to pivot, or close their doors.

Where there's a problem, there's an opportunity. Consumer behavior has had a massive impact on businesses, and has led to huge growth in ecommerce.

Brick and mortar locations have also realized the benefits of having an online presence. It allows them to better connect with their customers, and offer more services.

Nowadays, it's expected that your business have an online presence, but if you're still not convinced, keep reading!

Here are 5 Reasons Why Online Business Is Important in a Pandemic:

1) Flexibility When Business Can't Continue as Usual

The pandemic has shown us that it's important to be able to adapt when necessary. Those who can adapt are able to respond quickly to market demands, whereas those who delay might end up being left behind.

Whether it's adding a booking feature, restaurant take-out option, or an ecommerce store to your website, the ability to make these changes can make or break your business. Don't let not having a website make you miss out on potential business!

2) Control Over Your Own Online Presence

Some businesses might say they have a Facebook page, or Google My Business Account where they get a majority of their business. They don't think they need a website because they get enough business through that account.

But, what happens if that platform decides to suspend your account, or they push a major update that negatively impacts your business? You can petition to have the decision changed, or voice your concerns, but at the end of the day, you don't own your online presence.

Owning your own website is the only way to be sure you have control over your brand online. It's also important that you find a solution you're comfortable with, so you don't have to rely on another company or developer to make minor updates.

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3) Ability to Work Remote

We now know that many businesses can transition to a remote workforce. Whether you continue to work remotely, or prefer to work in the office, an online presence makes this choice easier to make.

There's also a great deal of flexibility that comes with working remote. The time you and your team get back from commuting, or the ability to tackle chores at home while on a break are not only benefits, but feel a lot like a raise.

Saying good bye to an office space is also a great way to cut down on paying rent and utilities! That money can instead be put towards marketing, hiring an employee, or a well deserved raise for yourself.

4) Easier to Start a New Business or Side Hustle

Many people are realizing that their job was not as secure as they thought. By starting a new business or side hustle, you can create another stream of revenue around your current job. This will help provide you and your family with more security, and if it takes off, could give you the option of quitting your current job to pursue it full time.

Creating a website so your business has an online presence is easier than ever! With the various web builders out there, you can now get online in as quick as 1 day. Once your site is live, refine and add other features as you go. It's better to get something online so you can start making money and fine tune it rather than holding off a launch until everything is "perfect."

5) Opportunity for New Ideas

Problems create opportunities for new business ideas. While the pandemic definitely impacted our economy, it also created opportunities for growth and improvement. If you can think of a problem your community (or a specific group) faces, and figure out how to solve that problem (or provide a better solution), you could be on to a great new idea!

It can be tough to be optimistic during such uncertain times, but with the barrier to entry being lower than ever for getting online, it's worth a shot to see if your idea could work. If you never try, you'll always be wondering "what if?"

Need Help Creating Your Online Presence?

Book a free strategy session with our team, and we'll chat about where you are now with your business, and the type of marketing plan you not only need, but are able to implement!


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