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Taking Time Off From Your Business

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Running your own business can feel a lot like a roller coaster ride.

Some days you’re ready to tackle just about anything, while other days might be tough.

There might be months where things fall into place nicely, but there are other months that are slow and you end up spend your time stressing when the next sale will come.

Many of the business owners we speak with say they started their company because they wanted to set their own schedule & have freedom in their lives.

BUT, they end up getting stuck in fulfillment.

Once the job is done, they then need to jump into lining up the next project. They find themselves in this endless loop, and it feels like they’ll never be able to take time off.

It can end up feeling like your business is running you.

We’ve been there.

Back when Ailsa first became an owner of Border7, she never felt like she could take time off and her health suffered.

She still didn’t listen to what her body (or me for that matter) was telling her – “slow down, take a break, stop pushing yourself,” and it took an illness in the family to get her to slow down and remember what’s important.

We only have so much time on this planet, how do you want to spend that time?

You Have to Make the Choice

Eventually, we agreed that what we had been doing wasn’t working.

We were exhausted and unhappy.

So, we moved to the mountains, and updated our mission with the goal of achieving work/life balance for ourselves AND our clients.

One of our favorite hiking trails in the mountains.

We now help our clients create a website & automated marketing strategy that works for them.

But, we can’t make the choice for you. You have to be ready to make a change, and willing to fight the urge to fall back into old habits.

Taking time off from your business every now and then is good for you. We find that it’s in those moments that we get creative sparks, or are just able to recharge.

There’s always going to be something you could be working on, or an area that you’d like to improve – that’s the nature of owning your own business!

3 Keys to Achieving Work/Life Balance

  1. Focus on Lead Generation - Create a marketing strategy that drives people to your website & make sure your website is able to convert traffic into sales

    1. If you know when you're next job will be, you can allow yourself to relax and take some time off!

  2. Automate Wherever You Can - Technology now makes automation easier than ever, yet many business owners are still stuck doing manual tasks

    1. This is super important to help you set healthy boundaries with your business and save you time. More on this below!

  3. Streamline Your Process - Consider what steps of your process are crucial to the success of your service & what can be eliminated or updated to improve the experience for both you and your client

    1. Try and think outside of the box. You don't have to follow traditional rules if they don't work for you. Set your own hours, set expectations and stick to your boundaries

The Power of Automation

Nowadays, there are so many manual tasks that can be automated by technology that you really can consider taking time off from your business:

  1. Back and forth emailing for a meeting can be automated through a booking solution

  2. Social media & blog posts can be prescheduled

  3. Sending out invoices & reminders can be automated

  4. Newsletters and downloadable guides can be automated

  5. Even your sales process can be automated based on client choices

So the traditional 9-5pm + the extra hours you’ve devoted to your business doesn’t have to be the norm for you.

You can set your schedule and choose a different life for yourself – a more balanced, happier life!

Our Process

Through our simple, done-with-you programs, we help brands like you get online quickly, streamline your process, and teach you how to create an automated marketing strategy that you can update & maintain yourself.

This way you can get consistent business & more freedom to take time off when you want!

Time For Yourself

Last Wednesday, Ailsa and I went for an afternoon walk around Big Bear Lake with the dogs, and we had 3 clients purchase a Website in a Day with us while we were out.

taking time off from your business to go for a hike

They were able to purchase our service, automatically receive an email setting expectations with next steps, and a link to book their build day.

No back and forth of emails, no phone tag, and no need to send invoices – our process is completely automated.

This allows us to take some time each day to spend it doing what we love, and we want the same for you!

Sill not convinced? We’ll leave you with a few questions to consider:

  1. Are you happy with how your business is positioned right now?

  2. What would you like to have more time to do?

  3. Who do you want to spend more time with?

  4. Where would you like to travel?

  5. What’s possible for your business if you had more time in your day?

Free Consultation – See if We’re a Fit

If this post resonates with you, and you’d like to learn more about our programs, book a free consultation with us!

We’ll chat about where you are now with your business, future goals, and how we can help.


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