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Riding the Roller Coaster of Business Motivation

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Some days you may find that you have endless energy, and you’re ready to tackle everything on your to-do list.

Other days are tough.

It feels like the day is dragging on, and it’s a struggle to stay focused. On days like this you might feel guilty that you don’t have the same level of motivation.

But the ups and downs of business motivation are normal.

You simply can’t push yourself for weeks on end, you’ll burn yourself out.

So, how can you strike a healthy balance?

In my experience, it’s different for everyone.

Schedules Based on Personality Types – Business Motivation

Some personality types like starting the day early with a run and then jumping right into work. This way they can tackle all of the “have to-do’s” early in the day, and can choose to end the day early if they wish.

Others prefer to sleep in and work late into the night. They still get their work done and find they are most creative later in the day.

Personally, I like to take it day by day.

Some days I feel like I’m bursting with creativity and motivation. So, I knock out more projects and to-dos on those days.

I like to have a clear timeline for when something needs to get done, and then plan around how I’m feeling each day.

On the days when I feel less like myself, or just don’t have the motivation, I purposefully make it a lighter day.

Do what works for you. If anyone judges, who cares?

You didn’t become a business owner to do what others tell you.

Just because many have accepted the 9-5 schedule, it doesn’t mean that schedule works for you.

If you don’t listen to your body you’ll find out that it’s not sustainable to constantly push yourself.

Listen to Your Body

I used to get consistent migraines, which would force me to take time off work.

My vision would get so blurry that I couldn’t see and the pain would force me to retreat to a dark room to wait it out.

I finally decided that I’d rather preemptively take time off to do things that brought me joy than to wait until I was forced to.

If you’re feeling motivated and have the energy one week, be sure to check in with yourself and see if you need a lighter week after pushing yourself.

It’s a lot easier to keep yourself healthy than to try and refuel after getting burnt out.

Creating a Balance That Works for You

A game changer for me was planning my ideal work week, and breaking up my time into blocks.

This way I know when I plan to get important things done, and I can plan my time to relax accordingly.

Today I started my day with a long bike ride followed by a hill heavy walk with the dogs and my husband.

I then made my fruit smoothie, put on my coffee and started writing out my to-do list for the day.

I didn’t sit at my desk until 11am, and even then I didn’t start by reading emails – no more letting emails run my day!

The old me would have felt guilty. Like I was letting someone down, or I’d be judged for starting the day stress-free.

But as long as my clients are supported, the work gets done and I’m healthy, I’m cool with it.

What would your ideal schedule look like?

Riding the roller coaster of business motivation means that you can plan for time off the roller coaster.

Take some pressure off yourself and remember to enjoy life and the people in it!

In a perfect world, what would your ideal schedule look like? To learn more about reclaiming time in your day, click here.

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