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New Feature: Wix Shape Dividers

Wix has recently released a new feature that we're super excited about and we think you will be too!

Before, you would have to create your shape with the help of a 3rd party design tool (PhotoShop or Canva, for example), choose a color, export the PNG file, and then change

Wix Shape Dividers

Now, Wix is releasing a new feature that allows you to add and customize a variety of different shape dividers right from your Wix dashboard.

This means you can play around with various styles, colors, and get really creative with the design of your website!

There's also an option "More Shapes" where you can choose from even more shapes to add either to the bottom or top of the strip.

Pro Tip: Make sure you set the strip background to transparent, so you do not get an unintended color backdrop to your shape.

When to Use a Shape Divider?

Shape dividers are usually used in website design to separate sections or content. It's a great way to visually break up content and provide a transition between sections. These can really help to make a website's design look more professional and purposeful.

Design plays a key role in providing a visitor with the best possible experience, so make sure you do everything you can to encourage engagement!


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