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New Dog Collar for Our Fluffy CHO!

Our Chief Happiness Officer: Angus

chief happiness officer angus and his new custom dog collar

Meet Angus, our Chief Happiness Officer! Here he is next to his new Custom Dog Collar from Hot Dog Collars. We went with a light blue to match his eyes and it is also his favorite color!

Angus is a 8 year old Mini Australian Shepherd and our office goofball. He brings a fun and relaxed energy to the office and loves to shake, roll-over, howl with the team, and balance on his hind legs. When Angus isn’t at the office signing papers and boosting team morale, he likes to go on long walks, and help in the kitchen by eating carrots and bits of chicken that magically fall from the sky.

Hot Dog Collars is a family owned business that was created to personalize pets. We have had the pleasure of working with Hot Dog Collars to design some of their fun banners, and were excited to see that many of their products are made and/or assembled in the USA. To get your furry friend their very own custom collar, click here!

Interested in starting a project, or have questions for the Border7 team? Send us a message, or post a comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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