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Custom Responsive Design

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Client Showcase: Open Source Six Sigma

custom responsive design

Join the ranks of Virgin, Shell, Target and G.E. as companies who trust Open Source Six Sigma to teach you the ins and outs of Six Sigma Training. These OSSS Products have been utilized for over a decade to deliver training to thousands of candidates in multiple industries within various disciplines.

These principles have contributed a significant bottom-line financial impact for many organizations. We here at Border7 just recently finished our custom responsive design for Open Source Six Sigma and are proud to share it with you!

Check down below to see some of the great changes to the new website.

Custom Responsive Design for OSSS

This new design needed to be sleek and user friendly, and this our our design team’s primary. In addition, we added a host of new features that are integrated seamlessly into the updated design.

One of these new features was a way to directly engage with your customers and to make it easier for them to get their questions answered effectively and efficiently.

This also is a great way to increase customer trust, it shows that you are both willing and ready to help them.

Comparing to Previous Design

As you can see, compared to the old site, the updated design provides a more modern and professional look that conveys a sense of expertise to the customer.

Having a modern, custom responsive design shows the customer that you have not only the desire, but also the means to stay relevant in the industry.

It also ensures that mobile users will have the best possible experience while viewing your site.

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