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Border7 Has a New Office – We’ve Moved!

We’ve Moved!

We are excited to share that we have moved to a larger office. Border7 will still be based in Simi Valley, but we are now in a bigger space, and are excited to be in walking distance of a few great restaurants. Our CHO has really been enjoying the new view of the courtyard. Speaking of our CHO, he’s ready to give you a tour of the office!

Tour the Office With Angus

Hello! Welcome to our new office. I’m Angus the Chief Happiness Officer here at Border7. Just finished crunching some numbers to make sure the happiness levels are at an all time high this quarter – Don’t want to have a happiness deficit!

I’ll be your guide as we explore the new office. We are still working on finding the right decorations and indoor plants, but we’ve definitely made some progress!

The first stop on the tour is the conference area where we have our project board and the Border7 “To Do” board. I’ll have to put “get more dog treats” on the list! Check out our new conference table, the team loves the center section that flips to provide more electrical outlets. Bring on the meetings!

Next, we’ll pop into the kitchen where we like to have coffee and bagels ready for the team. I like to wait here by the fridge for some free turkey and cheese.


If you will follow me into the administration room, you’ll see we have Breaking Bad fans in here and some Nerf guns on the wall. We don’t really have battles anymore, they’re more for decoration.


Onto the developer’s room! Our devs love the view of the Simi Valley hills.


Here I am with our newest developer, Joey!


Next we have the sales room. I like this room because I get to watch the squirrels and other folks in the office building go by.


Finally, we now have a dedicated storage room – hooray! We still need to finish organizing in here, but we are off to a good start!


Thank you for joining me on the tour of our new office. We hope that you will stop by to visit!


Interested in starting a project, or have questions for the Border7 Team? Send Us a Message, or post a Comment below. We’d love to hear from you!


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